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What Time Is It? It’s Time To Check Out Different Types Of Clocks To Spruce Up Your Room!

What makes a room - a ROOM? - all the things you add in there, of course. Just like how the paint colours, curtain designs and carpet theme add to the beauty and aesthetic sense of the room, the one other thing that can elevate the room's repute is CLOCKS! Yes, our dear old time-tellers.

There are several types of clocks, and it is easy to get overwhelmed looking at all the different varieties that can tell you the passing of time. Worry not, we are here to help you. From pendulum clocks to tiny alarm clocks, we will show you the different varieties you can choose from, according to how they fit into each room - let's take a look.

Types Of Clocks For Your Rooms


1. Wall clock

Wall clocks are by far the most popular type of clock in homes and offices. Why? Wall clocks can be hung on any wall of the house for decorating and for people to read the time easily. Clocks like these are usually hung in places that are more public, such as the visitor's room or a dining room, so they can be seen easily.


2. Alarm clock

Alarm clocks are probably the most obvious type of clock. Basically, these clocks wake you up or remind you to do stuff. Alarm clocks tend to use vibration, light, or sound to alert you. Fun fact: alarm clocks originated in Germany in the 15th century.


2. Mantel clock

Mantel clocks (shelf clocks), as the name implies, are spring-driven clocks that go on shelves (mantels) above fireplaces. Unlike a tabletop clock, they can be placed anywhere but the floor and wall. Usually made with wooden or metal exteriors, these clocks are great decorative furniture pieces for the mantel and the room. What better way to add a glimpse of vintage style into your room.


3. Grandfather clock

A longcase or grandfather clock will be your best choice if you want a large and classic clock. The grandfather clock is probably the biggest and most traditional clock in the world. The majority of these clocks have a pendulum inside the waist or tower of the clock case.


4. Audio clock

Audio clocks work by recording human voices or using computerized voices. Instead of voice, some audio clocks use auditory codes. Get one to add some sci-fi theme vibe to your room.


5. Outdoor clock

For those who want to decorate the exterior part of their homes or rooms such as the balcony, a metal outdoor clock will be the ideal choice. They are not only attractively designed but also functional.


6. Tabletop clock

Tabletop clocks are usually smaller than most other clocks and have a more discreet style than wall clocks. You can pick different styles, materials, and designs based on your interior decor. You can't go wrong with a wooden or wrought iron tabletop clock.


7. Projection clock

The majority of projection clocks are digital and have a projector that shows a magnified image of the time. They're usually mounted on a wall or ceiling. For partially blind people who want to read the time in the living room or bedroom, these are perfect.


8. Cuckoo clock

You've seen it in movies, probably not now (before 2002, ideally), but cuckoo clocks were the 'it' thing to have. The unique features of these clocks make them the most fun way to tell time. You can listen to a cuckoo clock instead of looking at a clock to find out what time it is. The clock makes a cuckoo bird call every time it strikes the hour.


9. Floor clock

Like grandfather clocks, floor clocks are big and free-standing. Floor clocks, as their name implies, rest on the floor. They're the second most popular type of clock.


10. Maritime clock

The weather station clock not only makes a great gift for anyone who likes nautical themes in their boats, houses and offices, but it also lets you keep an eye on the weather conditions. Instead of buying three separate devices for measuring time, humidity, and weather, you can have it all in one.

Remember, you really don't have to compromise with a single type of clock for your room(s). Mix and match between the countless varieties you have in front of you - be creative!

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