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10 Everyday Hacks For Easy Life

By: Debdatta Mazumder

In everyday's life, there are several big issues that trap your mind always. If you dig deep and want to find out the basic reasons of that, you will know that there are little things behind those which get accumulated to make larger disturbances.

If you take time from your busy schedule and look towards your everyday's life, you will find so many small problems which can be solved within a moment without much fuss.

Some simple everyday hacks can make life really easy. For example, using ribbons or stickers on your everyday commodity can help you track them easily when they get mixed up with several similar ones.

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This article is all about using simple everyday hacks to make the work go easier for you. These could be such life saviours as well!

These easy hacks are there to stay for life and to know what they are exactly, continue reading.


1. Using Velcro Strips Under Your Carpet:

If you have kids or pets in your house, you should be extra careful. They often move under your rug; and if you don't notice it, accidents can happen from the reverse side of it. Once you apply Velcro strips, the carpet's going to be safe and secure.


2. Stick A Dryer Sheet Over AC:

For several reasons, your room often smells bad and when you turn on the AC, it becomes intolerable. You just need to tape a dryer sheet on the AC machine and turn it on. All foul smell will be gone.


3. Clean A Blender Easily:

After making juice, it seems irritating to clean the blades and the body of the blender. No matter how much you run it under water, remnants are there. Just pour liquid soap inside the blender. Whirl it and rinse well. You will get neat and clean blender for the next go.


4. Keep Photographs Of Important Cards:

Don't you want to make your pocket or purse heavy with business cards? Take photographs of those and use it when necessary. In case you lose any cards, you will still have all the information.


5. Keep Your Laptop Cool:

If you work on your laptop the whole day, it is quite obvious that it will tend to get hot, which is not good. Just keep your laptop on the egg craters and see how easily it stays cool.


6. Simple Ironing Hacks:

Are you fighting with a button-up shirt while ironing it? Just turn it inside out and you can remove every crease of a buttoned-up shirt easily while ironing it.


7. Magic Of Coins:

When you get troubled while opening any packaging, you may get irritated. At the busy hour, all you need are tricks to do your job easily and quickly. Take a coin and try again to open the packaging. It will take a moment to open.


8. Use Old Newspapers In Bins:

When you throw any leftovers into your dustbin, the food juices get scattered and it only makes your room dirty and smelly. Put an old newspaper at the end of your bin and then throw the rotten things in it. It will soak the juices and keep your floor dry.


9. Turn Your Milk Jug Into A Watering Can:

Don't throw the old milk jugs. You can recycle those to use them as a watering can. Make holes at the lid of the jug and use it to sprinkle water to your plants.


10. Travelling Hack:

While you are travelling, it is not possible to wash your clothes. Keep a scented soap bar inside the same place where you keep the dirty laundry. It will keep your clothes smelling fresh.

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Story first published: Thursday, May 4, 2017, 18:00 [IST]
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