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Simple Things Required To Make The Christmas Tree

By Ajanta Sen

Christmas is just around the corner; you must be very excited and might have started planning to make an exceptional Christmas tree this time. We shall help you here by listing simple things that you need to make a christmas tree.

When you take a stroll down the streets on the eve of Christmas, it's such a delight to watch each house having a Christmas tree beautifully bedecked in garlands, lights and pretty ornaments.

It has been an age-old tradition to decorate the Christmas trees and people throughout the world find it an extremely pleasurable and exhilarating experience to decorate a Christmas tree.

However, if it is the first time for you and you have no idea of what are the things that you will require to make a Christmas tree; this article can be very helpful for a novice like you.

The following are the most basic things that you will need to make a Christmas tree:

Branches Of A Tree
First of all, for the list of important items needed to prepare a christmas tree, begin your hunt for tree branches. If you dwell in the vicinity of a mountain or a park, you can easily find some dead branches of trees from your surroundings. Sometimes, due to bad weather, a few branches shed off from the trees, you can collect those to make your Christmas tree.

A Pot Or Bucket
You need a bucket or a pot to make the base of the Christmas tree. You can explore the market and go for the best price that suits you. There are a couple of cheap stores also where you can buy Christmas tree decoration items at affordable prices. You can even use an old plant pot or a bucket and recycle it by colouring it. Always remember the base of the Christmas tree should neither be very big nor be very small. It should be in a perfect size to hold the branches of the tree.

Stones And Rocks Of Medium Size
Just go to a nearby sea beach and collect some stones and rocks. If you do not live in the region of a sea, you should not worry; there are garden centers in every city which can furnish you with reasonably priced stones and rocks.

Fast Drying Cement
Go to a hardware store and ask for cement that dries up quickly. They will give you a small tub of cement. Make the plant pot ready and put the small size stones at the bottom of the pot. Next, set the tree trunk at the centre of the pot and transfer about ½ of the cement mixture. Then, add the larger sized stones to add weight to the pot and also to secure the tree. Next, pour the remaining cement mixture. Keep some space at the top of the pot to put the smaller decorations and battery holder (for lightings). Leave it for a few hours until the cement dries up properly.

Buy Some Spray Paint
This can also be found at any nearby local hardware store. And this is a simple thing that you need to make a christmas tree. You can buy either silver or gold as per your choice for your Christmas tree. You need to spray this paint on your Christmas tree branches.

Decorative Lights
There are a variety of lights available in the market for decorating your Christmas tree. These lights come in white or green wire strings. You must choose a wire colour which will complement your tree, so that your wire can be invisible. You must start from the base of the tree and gradually move on upwards by wrapping the light wires around each branch. Finally, your tree should be covered with lights on all the sides. Bubble lights, LED lights, incandescent lights and globe lights are some well-known lights that you can select from while bedecking your Christmas tree.

Tree Ornaments
Ornaments are an integral part of the Christmas tree decoration and they also come under the list of important items needed to prepare a christmas tree. You can use a plethora of ornaments like tinsel, garlands, candy canes, baubles, stars and angels to decorate the Christmas tree. You can also hang chocolates, candies, gingerbread and a variety of other sweets from the branches of your Christmas tree with the help of colourful ribbons.

Story first published: Friday, December 9, 2016, 16:00 [IST]
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