Creative Ways To Use Safety Pins

By: Archana Mukherji
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Safety pins are considered to be one of the most useful inventions. They serve so many purposes. A pin can be an excellent device in an emergency. It can serve as body jewellery too. These pins can be used like staples to hold papers. Invented by an American in the 17th century, as a “dress-pin”, it is still very widely used, due to its functionality. There are also several creative ways to use safety pins.

Though it is small in size, a safety pin can also help you defend yourself when an enemy attacks you; so keep a pin handy. You can also clean your nails, when you are not ready with your manicure kit.

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Safety pins come in various colours like silver, gold and brass. So, you can choose pins that suit your clothes and jewellery. The tiny size of this awesome invention makes it very easy to be carried anywhere.

It is necessary for everyone to know at least a few creative ways to use safety pins. As these pins are inexpensive and versatile, why not make the best use of them? Safety pins can also replace a paper-hole puncher, provided you need small holes on your paper.

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Now, let us discuss about 6 creative ways to use safety pins.

Ways To Use Safety Pins

Have you ever thought of creating a bookmark out of safety pins? If not, try it out next time. Just cling about 10 to 12 safety pins one after the other in a row and you will be puzzled to see a creative bookmark for yourself in no time.

One of the 6 creative ways to use safety pins is using it as a weapon. A safety pin is not heavy to carry nor does it occupy space. Hence it is always recommended that you carry one so that in times of need, you can use it as a weapon to scratch or prick someone and escape to safety.

Ways To Use Safety Pins

Safety Lock:
A safety pin acts as a great safety lock when you travel. This helps you to keep away from pick-pockets and thieves. Just insert a safety pin to the zipper of your handbag or backpack and attach it to the fabric. Your safety lock is ready and you can be relieved that your wallet and mobile phone will be safe. You can also do this to your gold chains by attaching them to your clothes.

Clean Salt-And-Pepper Shakers:

Safety pins can easily clear the tiny holes of salt-and-pepper shakers, in minutes.

Ways To Use Safety Pins

Handy Keychain:
When you have too many keys to handle and do not have a keychain to cling them all, just take a safety pin and put all keys together. Make sure you use a bigger safety pin for this purpose.

Use It On Clothes:
Needless to say, one of the 6 creative ways to use safety pins is to use them as replacements for Clothes’ pins. In fact, if you lose a button on your shirt, you can use a safety pin in its place. This is a very common usage and known to most of us.

Story first published: Saturday, October 31, 2015, 21:34 [IST]
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