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Vastu Tips: Know Where To Place Your Mirrors

By Deepa Ranganathan

Yes, it's true! Mirrors play an important role in the vastu of your home or office. Placement of mirrors matter a lot. And it's proven scientifically that mirrors can make or break energy within your house.
The incoming positive energy mainly depends on the way mirrors are placed in your home.

Not all mirrors and their placement are fine as per vastu. Some placements are believed to bring in negative energy while some are considered perfect for the arrival of positive energy.

Mirror Vastu Tips

So, read on to know which how you can place your mirrors to bring positivity into your home and office. We give you vastu tips that you can refer to whenever you plan to put up a mirror in your home.

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Here are some basic tips which will come handy whenever you plan mirrors for your home. There are obviously a lot many tips than those mentioned here.

But, these are pretty basic and most referred to mirror vastu tips.

At Home
In case you are planning to have a mirror at home, you may want to consider the following things. Don't place the mirror in a way that it reflects your bed. It is believed that doing so brings in negative energy. If your mirror is placed such that it reflects the main door, you might want to rethink its placement. Vastu shastra suggest that this would send out all positive energy thus making you miss out on a lot of opportunities. If you have a nice view from your window, vastu suggests you can place a mirror opposite the window. This might get in all the positive energy. At your home try placing the mirror facing things that may have negative energy. This might suck in all the negative energy from your home as per vastu rules on mirror placement.

In Your Office
You need to bring positive energy to your professional environment. For this your mirror should reflect only positive energy. You can place your mirrors in front of a locker to invite in prosperity. You should avoid having mirrors in narrow passages as it might bring in negative energy. What the mirror reflects in narrow passages is negativity and claustrophobic surroundings. So don't place your mirrors in there. Make sure you have a mirror reflecting good scenes and positive energy. You can keep a mirror opposite your window in your cubicle. This might fill your office with positive energy.

General Vastu Tips On Mirror Placement
If you are planning to have mirrors in your bathroom, keep them to the north or the east. If you have a wall in the centre of the house, you can keep a mirror to keep the house connected. Never place two mirrors opposite each other. Vastu shastra is completely against it as it might cause restlessness. Other than the bathroom, never place mirrors to the north or east as it might take away positive energy. Make sure mirrors are not placed such that your image is reflected in the mirror. Never have a mirror facing the main gate.

These are some of the do's and don't's of vastu tips for mirror placement. This can guarantee complete positive energy if you follow them.

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