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6 Great Graduation Party Ideas


Graduation is a special event for each one in their life. And who wouldn't want to celebrate this special occasion with a special party? A graduation party is the last time when the graduating batch celebrates together.

It is a time when everybody is happy as they graduated, but there are silent tears as they will be going apart from each other. Graduation party ideas should also be based on themes related to the fun moments shared with friends.

Here are a few décor ideas you can choose for your college graduation party. You can use these graduation party ideas to plan a memorable graduation party for your folks.

Décor Theme – Having a cool theme is a great idea for a graduation party. A graduation party should be lively, vibrant and unusual. A theme usually makes things easier and will help you to plan games and music accordingly. You can keep a colour code for the guests, celeb-look-alike theme or dress-up-like-a-professor theme.

Add The Past – Use photographs of your batch to decorate the graduation party. You can make a collage of the pictures, you can make a slide show of your friends or you can use individual photographs and use them for decoration. Let everybody relive their college days with the photographs. This is a great college graduation party idea.

College Quiz – For a college graduation party idea, make a quiz for your graduating friends. The quiz should be related to everybody in the batch. You can make it fun by adding some secrets of your batch. Let everybody participate in the quiz. The quiz will help everybody to mingle in and enjoy the party. For the winners, gift them a graduation cap. This can be a very unique college graduation party idea.

Gifts And Gifts – Request everybody attending the party to bring a gift along with them. Put all the gifts in one bag and make another bag with chits of people attending the graduation party. Pull out a gift from one bag and a name from the other. This could be a fun activity which could be incorporated in your graduation party idea.

Personalise – Follow this graduation party idea to make the party more intimate and personalised. If the party is in an enclosed room use gas balloons with their ends connected to a postcard with individual photographs of every batch mate. You can give each graduating member a coffee mug to sign and keep the collection as a memoir. You can also make a list of couples in your batch and use their photographs in heart-shaped balloons. These are a few college graduation party ideas you could use.

Food & Drinks – There must be a favorite canteen near your college where all the students loved to hangout or a popular coffee joint. This could be the last time you would be eating at your favorite college food joints. Use these food and drinks as your graduation party menu. You can also add a graduation cap shaped cake or a degree shaped pastry as desert. These graduation party ideas are sure to make the party memorable for all your friends.

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Story first published: Saturday, March 1, 2014, 21:01 [IST]
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