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Ideas To Decorate For A Garden Party

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Everyone loves partying. If you are planning a party, your guests will love it more if you have a reputation for throwing the most beautiful and grandest parties. But, giving a party is a tiring work since none of the guests will remain back to give a hand in clearing up. Arranging a party that will grab the attention of your visitors will be the best idea to make your celebration a success. Anybody out there who don’t love compliments?

There are different kinds of party that you can throw for your friends and family. But, the easiest on by far is to give a garden party. You need not bother about space since everything is to take place in open air. No need to worry that the kids will destroy the house. And above all, cleaning up is as easily done as is said.

Ideas To Decorate For A Garden Party

A party regardless of where it takes place requires some decorating ideas. Being a garden party, much of the decor is provided by Mother Nature. But, you can add on a bit more creative decorations to beautify your party. Here, we may discuss some garden party decoration ideas.

Lighting: This is a very important part of garden party decor if you are throwing the party in the evening. Charmingly draped fairy lights on the trees and shrubs will cast a beautiful glow to your party.

Flowers: On the other hand, if you are throwing a party during the day time, replace the lights with bright flowers strategically placed around the garden. You can also hang flowers in bottles from the branches of trees.

Colour theme: When you are considering garden party decor, consider the seasonal colours. The colour theme you select for your party need to offset that of nature nicely. Use hues resembling the seasonal fruits and flowers.

Seating: If you have a formal garden party in mind, you can place small tables with 3 or 4 chairs to each around the lawn. But, for a more relaxed feel, garden party decor ideas include placing cushions and mismatched chairs with a few tables.

Table and centre piece: Garden party decor ideas include a main table, long and big on which a beautiful centre piece is placed. This can be some kind of floral decoration placed in the middle with the dishes of food arranged around it.

Food: This is the most important element in any party. For garden party decoration ideas, the food may be placed on the main table. If the party consists of many guests, have one or two smaller tables also arranged with food.

Chilled Drinks: Garden party decoration ideas include filling a big bucket with ice and placing the drinks in it. Place these buckets in the garden easily accessible to guests without needing them to go inside the house for a chilled drink.

Accessible Silverware: It is easy to lose a fork in a party. So in garden party decoration remember to keep spoons, forks and knives in separate containers on the tables so that the guests can easily replace their lost silverware.

Canopies:Garden party decoration should include canopies, especially in the summer. They will provide some cool shade for those desiring it. It would also be prudent to place some extra cushions and chairs in the garden.

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Story first published: Sunday, March 23, 2014, 22:03 [IST]
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