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Ways To Make Your House Eco Friendly

By Super

With the world going the environmental way, most people are indulging in green homes or eco friendly homes. Yes, energy saving is the main concern of a lot of home owners. This is not just from the point of view of saving money but also from the future point of view. No wonder a lot of people are indulging in natural resources that don’t cause pollution as part of their home appliances.

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Solar powered appliances are ranking high on the people’s buy and thus saving on their energy and other bills. But, energy is not the only concern. For a major homes water is becoming a huge concern too. They are indulging in ways to save water and bring about a eco friendly environment around them. A lot of people have begun using the eco friendly cars that don’t use up a lot of diesel or petrol. While a lot others are creating eco sensitive environments within their homes thus proving to be environmental loyalists. So, what are the various ways to make your home eco friendly and thus save on the whole load of money that goes into energy bills. It’s basically making your home energy efficient and running the house affair on limited budget. Here are a few tips to make your home eco friendly.

Eco Friendly Living Room
This is the first area to consider when transforming your home to becoming eco friendly. Change the insulation to greenfibre cocoon which is easy to install, uses natural fibres and is recyclable. This is done up using natural fiber making it even more eco friendly. Next you need to make sure the sofa or benches placed in your living room are made of organic fiber. The glues used to build this furniture should be non toxic. Make sure that no animal hide is used in the furniture. You can get good eco friendly homes by just changing your furniture. A lot of people have installed fire logs made of recyclable coffee which reduces carbon monoxide thus reducing pollution in the home.

Eco Friendly Kitchen
Most paints are high in their volatile organic compounds. But, when you are planning to paint your kitchen make sure you use paints that contain low levels of this VOC. Next you should use energy efficient and standard makes of dishwashers. Most of the energy in the kitchen is consumed by the dishwasher and refrigerator. You will find a lot of energy efficient appliances for the kitchen which will save huge amounts on the energy bills. Also, try to save on the water usage in the kitchen by implementing water aerator which pumps air into the water thus reducing the need to run water on full blast.

Eco Friendly Dining Area
It is always good to buy and use paper mats that cover your dining table which is made of recycled material. This would not have used much of energy and would be absolutely environment friendly. The furniture in the dining room should be made of organic material that is recyclable. In fact, use of wood to create furniture can save a lot of trees.

Eco Friendly Bedrooms
Installing ceiling fans can reduce the energy bills produced by heaters during the summers. If the fan is run in reverse state during the peak heat of the summers, this will blow out hot air which is good for you. Make sure the curtains and the duvets in the bedroom are made of natural organic material. When you stop getting in material that conserves energy, you are indirectly saving a lot of energy and building eco friendly homes.

Tips Eco Friendly
Apart from the basic design changes you can even conserve energy while doing the regular chores. For example switching off lights when not needed is indeed a way of saving a lot of energy. Washing clothes in cold water reduces the energy bill which is otherwise spent on heating the water in the laundry load. You should clean the lint in the gas filter to save on the energy bills. By shutting off the dryer and using the clothes line to dry, you will save efficiently on energy bills.

Story first published: Wednesday, March 5, 2014, 5:01 [IST]
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