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Easy Decor Ideas For Newly Married Couples

By Asha Das

Sharing a lifetime together itself is a beautiful experience. What if you can make it more thrilling? Sweeping and mopping every day, keeping your stuff arranged, a flower vase and a wall hanging! Do you think your steps to a beautiful home end here? You can do even more to make your romance spark. Make your home a beautiful place to live as this is where your hopes and dreams merge.

The key to marital bliss is the ability to keep the relationship fresh. This will help you wake up to a new life every day. A beautiful home has a great role in boosting up your romance. After a tiring day at office, the whole day spent apart, couples return to their home. A beautiful and harmonious home is essential for a successful married life.

The way you decorate your home will have a calming and soothing effect of a brand new love in the air. This is especially true of married couples as they come from different homes and different backgrounds and come to live under one roof.

We now discuss some decorating ideas for newly married couples.

Through the front door: As you walk in through the front door married couples should have a feeling of coming home. Arrange your shoe racks and umbrella stands neatly to keep everything tucked away and avoid clutter.

The space constraint: Married couples tend to get carried away while decorating their home and forget the available space in the house. Remember to avoid unnecessary things and utilise the available space to its maximum.

Take both ideas: A major pitfall in decorating ideas for newly married couples is that women especially tend to have a ruling voice in everything. Remember that your home is for two and must accommodate ideas both spouses may have.

New bed-spread: Do you feel bored on the bed? Try changing your bed-spread and experience the big difference. This will help provide a new look to your room, offering an unforgettable night.

Your space: It is recommended for married couples to have their own space in the house like an office room. Here, each can use his own ideas for decoration and enjoy a little solitude.

Decorate your balcony: You can use your balcony to spend some time together to talk about nothing. Decorate this space by keeping some plants, hanging a flower pot, spreading a carpet or by keeping any show-piece.

An airy look: The mantra in decorating ideas for newly married couples is that do not clutter the home. People tend to fill up every available space with little trinkets overwhelming the look of the cosy home. Go for a light and airy look.

New curtains: Married couples must be very careful while buying curtains for their new home. Keep in mind that a curtain can change the whole look of your room.

The colour scheme: It is a good idea to select a colour theme for your house. Any soothing colour that can keep your room look fresh will do the same for your relationship as well.

A special place: Having a special place where you can relax, be with one another and shut out the outside world is highly recommended among decorating ideas for newly married couples. It helps in strengthening your bond.

Pocket friendly: Above all, the best advice to newly married couples is to keep everything simple and cost effective. It is a misconception that expensive equals beautiful. Keep within your limits while decorating your home.

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Story first published: Tuesday, February 4, 2014, 4:03 [IST]