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Steps To Organize Your Bathroom

By Super

Bathrooms could be termed as the mirror of one's house. However clean and organised you keep your house, it is if no use if the bathroom is messed up and dirty.Bathrooms are like the cleanliness indicators of one's house. So you should make it a point to keep your bath up to date.

Cleaning and organizing bathrooms can be a little confusing and complicated at times. The small area has a lot of things to be stored inside, this is what makes it problematic. Bathrooms have soaps, shampoos and stuff that can make the floor slippery, there might be dirt on the floor, the clothes to be washed might leave a foul smell and many such issues make bathrooms disorganised.

Therefore proper steps should be followed to maintain your bathroom. We are enlisting a few steps that maybe of help to you.

Step 1 - The first and foremost step to organise your bathroom is to keep your bathroom accessories in order. This includes keeping all the shampoos, soaps, body wash and everything that contains soap and chemical in it in a cupboard. If you do not have a cupboard in your bathroom make it a point to buy one. In a shelf place all your everyday bath essentials in one place. This will make it easier for you.

Step 2 - Once all your essentials are set to one place, keep a bucket or a tub at a corner to put in all your clothes. Do not just leave your clothes on the floor. Also do not keep your clothes wet and unwashed for a long time. This may lead to a foul smell.

Step 3 - If you have white tiles in your bath, use this step to organize your bathroom after keeping your things in order. Use a floor cleaner and regularly clean the bathroom floor. Wash the floors with water everyday. This step reduces the slippery characteristic of the bathroom floors. This is an important step to organize your bathroom as slippery and soapy floor is unclean as well as dangerous. It has the potential to cause accidents.

Step 4 - Keep the buckets, mugs, bathroom chair and others at one side after bath. If all these are kept haphazardly, the bathroom looks congested and small. To make it look spacious and comfortable for use, keep all the bathroom furniture in a side. There should be enough place in between.

Step 5 - Always use a bathroom freshner and sprays. Let your bath smell beautiful. This will be the most important step in organizing your bathroom. If your bathroom smells great you have nailed it in keeping it clean and organized. You can use flower smelling sprays and freshners.

These were a few steps to help you make your bathroom look well. Repeat these steps and do it regularly. Every guest judges a house with the look of the bathroom. So impress all by keeping your bathroom organised and awesome. Hope these few little tips help you.

Story first published: Tuesday, November 12, 2013, 1:04 [IST]
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