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Monsoon Theme Party Ideas

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Monsoon has kick started and it is time to be prepared to get wet in the rain! You might decorate your house as per season requirements. For example, wooden flooring van damage during monsoons so, it is good to cover and protect them with carpets. As your home décor changes, your party ideas change too!

Organising a monsoon theme party requires good ideas that are fresh and unique. As the downpour is here, it is the best time to get the party started! You can hold a whacky and wild party at home. However, a monsoon theme party idea must be impressive enough to set the mood. For example, monsoon theme party idea can be, hosting a party at the swimming pool or at the poolside. As it rains, you can jump into the pool and enjoy the refreshing chilled beer! Here are few monsoon theme party ideas for all you party animals. Take a look...

Monsoon Theme Party Ideas:

Monsoon Theme Party Ideas

An Apt Location: It is very important to organise a monsoon party at the apt location. The best location for hosting a monsoon party is outdoors! A rain dance can help you get over the blues and perk up the mood. Organising a monsoon party at the beach or on the terrace is another great idea to enjoy the rainy weather.

Décor Items: You need décor items to set the monsoon party as per theme. Party décor ideas like plastic balls, colourful umbrellas, plastic neon coloured chairs and tables etc can be used to decorate the monsoon theme party. Other ideas like bright cocktail umbrellas can be used to decorate the party tables. Keep rubber slippers for convenience.

No Curtains and Sofas: As it is a wet party, you should not spoil your cloth curtains and spongy sofa set. Replace them with plastic chairs and sheets. You can also hang a tree swing to enjoy the outdoor monsoon party.

Dress Code: You cannot wear skinny jeans and glittering party tops at the monsoon party. As per the monsoon theme party idea, dress up. For example, if it is indoors, you can wear capri and a sleeveless top to look fashionable. If the party is outdoor, wear loose hot pants and tank top with slippers.

Food: Pick up the menu as per your monsoon theme party idea. A barbeque party on the poolside monsoon party is a nice theme idea. However, if you are organising indoors, include some monsoon cocktails and fried dishes to set the perfect party mood.

These are few monsoon theme party ideas that can be applied to host a mind blowing party without any worry!

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Story first published: Monday, July 1, 2013, 23:54 [IST]
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