Vastu Tips To Decorate Bedroom

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Vastu Shastra is an Indian science that brings harmony, success, love and peace in the life of a person. Vastu believers always do everything in the shastric way. Be it home decor ideas or placement of showpieces or decor items, every big to minute details of the house is done according to vastu tips. It is believed that vastu also helps build a better relationship with your partner.

If you are a vastu shastra believer, try these tips to decorate your bedroom and have a peaceful time in one of the best places inside your house.

Vastu Tips To Decorate Bedroom

Vastu tips for decorating the bedroom:

  • According to vastu shastra, bedrooms should be in square or rectangle shape. This brings in more prosperity and peace in the lives of a couple.
  • The entrance door to your bedroom must open to 90 degrees angle. According to vastu, if the door doesn't open completely, chances of getting good luck reduces. So, see that the door doesn't open partially but completely to a 90 degree angle.
  • After the entrance, see that you include something that makes you feel serene and gives peace. You can either keep your couple picture, a painting or flower vase that brings positive vibes and enhances your mood. As soon as you enter, see this and feel the peaceful mind.
  • Avoid keeping fish aquarium, plants and divine idols inside your bedroom. This can lead to material loss.
  • Soft pastel shades of blue, green and off-white are ideal vastu colours for your bedroom. Soft and light colours like light pink, blue, rose, green and yellow or white can not only make you bedroom look beautiful and more peaceful but also good in the vastu way.
  • Build a soothing effect inside your bedroom by using dim lights. Adjustable lighting is best as they can be increased or decreased depending on the choice and demands.
  • Many vastu believers feel that there should be no mirror inside the bedroom. Ideally, you should not place any mirror inside your bedroom as it leads to misunderstandings and fights with the partner.
  • However, you can place mirror inside your master bedroom by following some vastu tips. Place the mirror on the side where your bed is not visible. Make sure you cover the mirror at night with a cloth piece. Having mirror on the wall opposite the foot of your bed can disturb your sleep so be careful.
  • You should avoid having a television inside your bedroom as it disturbs you sleep and peace of mind. But, according to vastu, if you want to keep electric appliances, place them on the south-east of the room.
  • One of the vastu tips for decorating your bedroom is, use wooden bed. You can keep the bed in Southwest, South and West directions. Avoid using beds that have a box to store things. If you have such box beds, make sure they are clean and decluttered.

These are few vastu shastra tips for decorating your bedroom. Bring peace and prosperity in your personal lives by trying these ideas.

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