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Studio Apartment: Decoration Dos & Don'ts


Having a small home can sometimes be a blessing in disguise. A studio apartment for example should fuel your imagination like never before. It gives you the privilege to stay in a largely undivided space. To decorate an apartment like this is giving shape to something raw; you can give it any shape you like and it will belong to you totally.

The definition of a studio apartment is that it has no rooms. All you have is a 'studio' like space with an open kitchen. Only the bathroom has a door. These are good as bachelor pads, a love shack for couples or a home/office for professionals who work from home. To decorate an apartment like this, you can take help from our creative genius.

Ways To Customize A Studio Apartment:

1. Don't be scared to change things around. It is your apartment and you can adapt it anyway to suit your needs. If you want the kitchen on the left side to use the window space better, be it. Do not think twice before modifying your own space.

2. Don't be scared to chuck. If you are moving into a small home from a bigger one, you have to sacrifice a few things like your old cricket bat or the first mobile phone. Do not be scared to discard some of your old useless things for making some space in your new home. Clutter is an absolute no-no in a studio apartment.

3. Create your own space. When you have a small space to decorate, then you should always split it up into sections and dedicate each space for some important activity. For example, your bed and the bed lamp constitute your sleeping space. The kitchen and a tiny kitchen table is your eating area.

4. Use colours to distinguish space. Since you do not have any walls dividing the space in your small home, you can depend on colours to do this job. Paint your kitchen area red, bedstead yellow and living space blue. Colours will look attractive and help differentiate space easily.

5. Do not buy any furniture that you do not have space for. For example, a huge dinning table is a luxury you cannot afford in a studio apartment. So, do with a small kitchen table. You might even choose to eat on your centre table.

6. Improvisation is the most important thing about living in a studio apartment. Your book case can serve as a makeshift side table. Your sofa can be used as a make shift bed when guest come over and so on.

7. Always keep some storage space. You are living in a small space but, you still need to stow and store things. Either have lofts built into your walls or use furniture that can store things. Box beds and divans are very useful in studio apartments.

Do you have any other bright ideas to utilize space while decorating a small apartment?

Story first published: Wednesday, June 13, 2012, 16:21 [IST]
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