Sofa Placement Ideas For Living Room!

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Sofa Placements
Covering space on your living room is really tricky and confusing. Sofas, centre table, side tables and carpets or rug mats are basic essentials for living room decor. Furniture placements or sofa arrangement is very difficult. Once you think left side is good but again change your mind thinking right would be better. So, to have a clear picture of sofa placements, here are few arrangement ideas for living room decor.

Sofa placement ideas for living room:

1. You have to first decide which side you would like your visitors to sit. If your entrance is on the centre, you can place sofas in the middle or corner of the living room. It is best to arrange sofas on the corner or centre of the room rather than going for sides.

2. U shaped design is best for sofa placements as it allows easy conversation and keeps everyone communicative.

3. Place sofas in the U shape and cover the centre space with a rug mat or carpet. The colour of the mat/carpet should match with the theme of the room.

4. Place the centre table 1 feet far from all corners to make sitting easy. This also makes the arrangement look well defined and spacious.

5. Cover the wall behind the sofa with wall paintings or photo frames. You can use a big sized single frame or 3-4 small frames to fill the empty wall.

6. The front wall from the sofa should be used to put television. You either use an LCD screen to cover the wall or use a table to place the television. If using a table, cover the left over space with showpiece or flower vase. You can even put photo frames to grab more attention.

7. If there is lot of space around the sofa, use it to place side tables. This is one of the best sofa placement idea as side tables give a finishing look. Decorate the side tables with lamps and showpieces.

8. You can also use small indoor plants to cover the wall behind the sofa. Also hang a crystal chandelier to make the living room look more bright and elegant.

Try these sofa placement ideas to arrange the living room space.

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Story first published: Tuesday, January 10, 2012, 11:37 [IST]
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