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Shoe Rack Designs To Suit Home Decor

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Shoes are never enough. You always need more of them. A neatly designed framework to hold shoes in our homes adds to our home decor. Shoe racks can be kept anywhere but, ideally it should be near the main entrance. If you want to keep a well decorated shoe rack, you need to check the availability of space and the number of shoes you have. Based on these points, you can pick up a rack to suit your home decor.

Closed Wooden Shoe Racks: Closed wooden shoe racks can be made in various designs and size. You can use such racks not only for storing shoes but also for blocking an unused space. Some people have such racks built in their bed rooms, entry space or the room in between stair cases. The top of such racks can be well decorated with show pieces, soft toys or flowers to make it look beautiful.

Shoe Rack Designs

Bench Shoe Racks: Bench shoe racks can be made with either metal or wood. They are a row of slanted boards with a strip at the back The strip of the racks are in a slanted fashion for the proper display and also for the easy selection of shoes. It is a very comfortable shoe rack design as you just need to bend over a little to get your shoes while sitting on the bench.

Shoe Cabinet: Shoe cabinets can be made out of plastic, metal or wood. Such kind of shoe racks are either a part of a closet system or set as an individual unit. They can either be enclosed or open for display. Shoe cabinets can be stacked in order to expand their capacity.

Hanging Shoe Racks: If your rooms aren't too spacious, then this is one very easy shoe rack design to store shoes in your house. It generally hangs at the back of a door. Metal racks usually hang with the help of prongs. A floating rack can also be made with a piece of cloth with shoe pockets in it. To add to the beauty, such shoe racks can be decorated with beads and glasses.

Freestanding Shoe Racks: This shoe rack design is made with metal or wood and is available in a wide range. They can either be configured in shelves or sliding cubes. They fit into a small space and can be made to stand in any corner of the room.

Lidded Shoe Racks: This is one trendy design to decorate your house as well as storing shoes. You can use any lidded bucket or container and decorate it at your own disposal with bright colours and patterns to give it a cute or sporty outlook.

Shoe racks are available in a wide range of colour and designs. Choosing the right one just adds to the beauty of your home. Do you have any other shoe rack design ideas to decorate your house?

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Story first published: Wednesday, May 9, 2012, 10:03 [IST]
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