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Decorate New House
For those who have recently moved in to a new house, here are some quintessential tips. Often the on-site employees find it too hard to equip their new home. And this happens because of two main reasons, one, their first paycheck which they are to receive after 35 days of stay and two, the short term relocation pinch pockets. Here are some simple and useful ways to set a new house with minimal expense.

Inexpensive things required to set up your new house:

Carton Boxes- Do not dispose the carton boxes after taking out the items. They are best storage containers. Dals, rice and nuts can be stored easily in them. Cardboard boxes prevent moisture thus preserving the food commodities for a long time. Take three carton boxes of varied sizes and wrap them in an attractive packing paper. One of the corners of the kitchen can have these beautiful step shelves.

Bottles- Colourful beer and wine bottles can enhance the beauty of your living room even more. The different coloured bottles can be used to decorate side tables and window sells. Cover the empty beer and wine bottles with colourful chart papers or paint them with glass colours. Go creative by sticking few stones, studs and beads. Add fresh or artificial flowers to decorate these empty bottles.

Coins- Cents are beautiful decorative ornaments for your table. Those glass plates and wine glasses can be filled with copper or brass coins. In the golden lighting of candles, the coins glow and add to antique ambiance.

Dupattas- This is an inexpensive thing that can be used to decorate your house. The beautiful bandini or plain cotton dupattas can serve as a table cloth until the next 40 days. They can also be used as curtains. Give it an entirely different look my mix-matching different coloured dupattas.

Candles- For eco-friendly lighting, purchase attractive candles. They are portable, saves energy and brings a warm and cosy feeling to your house.

Newspaper Bags- Make newspaper bags and store fresh vegetables, herbs and fruits in them. This will maintain their freshness for a longer period. Avoid spending on plastic air tight containers.

Save paper- Avoid using kitchen towels and tissues. Instead choose pure cotton towels that can be washed alternatively.

Although it is not possible to save expenses on food, clothing and furniture, you can definitely save money to decorate your new house with these inexpensive things.

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Story first published: Friday, June 1, 2012, 15:46 [IST]
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