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Ideas To Decorate The Study Table

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Study room is a place that should be calm and peaceful. When the study room is decorated well it builds an interest for you to study. If you are a student, your study room should be away from distractions. A decorative study table refreshes your mood and improves concentration. A study table has various uses. To make this space lively, it’s necessary to decorate your study table in the study room. Here are few simple decor ideas to decorate your study table.

Table lamp- Table lamps and wall lights should be placed strategically. You can choose any kind off lamps which are funky and sleek in design. It’s good to use lamps with different shades to protect your eye sight. Lamp shades can be of different varieties such as glass, bell, crystal or the classic jute design. The lamp should be bright enough to make it easy to read and write without affecting your eyes. You should select a suitable lamp that matches with the theme of your room.

Decorate The Study Table

Attractive pen stands- There are many kinds of pen stands made with wood, glass, plastic and many more. The easiest way to make it look attractive is, you can make a pen stand using colourful papers. Use glass/plastic bottles as your pen stand. Cover the bottle with a colourful craft paper. If you are using a glass bottle, go for glass painting. Use stickers (stars, cartoon characters) to attract kids and make them sit on the study table every time.

Book racks and placement- A proper study table should have a book rack. To keep your study table slab clean from a dozen books, arrange and keep the books in the study rack. To decorate your study room, pick up a rack or cabinet that matches with the room decor. Dictionaries, novels and other books should be kept in the racks provided it helps to take the required book out easily without searching much.

Using decorative stickers- It is one of the easiest ways to make your study table look impressive. You can get colorful stickers of your taste from stores or draw your own stickers. These decorative stickers can be stuck on the surface of the study table or on the wall ahead of the study table. You can also cover the empty wall by using a notice board. Stick notes on the notice board for convenience. This gives great impression to your study table. If you child loves to learn through writing on a black or white board, get one!

Furniture- The basic requirement for making the room look complete is by placing chair, desk and a bookshelf. Make sure that you use a comfortable chair that doesn’t cause back ache. Suitable furniture should be used to make it look decorative.

By using appropriate accessories, you can decorate your study table and make it look appealing to the eyes. A well designed and decorated study room comforts you to learn with interest.

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Story first published: Tuesday, May 8, 2012, 15:44 [IST]
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