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Bar Decor Tips For Your Home

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Bar Decor
A small counter at home from where you can deliver alcoholic beverages to your guests is known as a home bar. It is basically for entertainment purposes. Decorating bar can be an interesting and time engrossing activity for many. The best part is that, you need not allocate a separate space for a home bar. You can create it in the existing spaces and easily go for a bar decor all by yourself.

Having a home bar is like a dream come true. But, most people have a misconception that you need to spend a great deal for having a bar at your home. This is completely wrong as you can go for an excellent bar decor in many simple and easy ways. Lets see how these home bar ideas help in decorating your bar at home.

Proper Place- Choose the right place in your home to highlight the location of your bar . Basement would be ideal. It is because each one of your guests have to pass through the basement first before going anywhere else.

Good Lighting Options- A good lighting is one of the most important elements for a good bar decor. Neon lights or small fixtures connected to a dimmer would be ideal for decorating your bar. You may even use small hanging fixtures or tiny spot lights to highlight the section of some of your favourite drinks. But, special party occasions demand special lighting. On party nights, fix small rotating lights that will turn your home bar into a home pub. Zing up your party mood with such home bar ideas.

Right Drinks- Well, do not forget the most essential element in your bar decor. Yes, we are talking about drinks! Keep almost every variety of a good quality drink at the bar. You must essentially have drinks like beer, whisky, wine, champagne, vodka, rum, scotch, tequila and so on. Also keep fruit juices, water and soda for mixing with drinks or making cocktails. On demand you might also go for making a mocktail for someone. Be the perfect bar tender to your guests.

Proper Accessories- Accessorise your home bar well with a small refrigerator and some horizontal shelves for the glasses. An open bar or a closed bar with glass doors are also some great home bar ideas. Keep proper bar tools like half eggs seats before your bar counter. But you should take care to ensure that all these bar tools look alike. You may even place a television in your bar area for watching movies or matches with your friends.

Colours And Theme- The bar colour must respect other dominant colours in the room or can be ideally opposite to them. For a classy look go for either white, black or silver. Get creative and experiment with ideas for decorating your bar.

You may opt for ideal wooden look for the walls of your home bar if you want to give it an English styling. Or for a change paint the images of spades or hearts on the walls of your bar. Decorating bar walls with photographs is also an excellent idea as it reflects your passion for photography.

These bar home ideas can prove excellent for your bar decor. Follow these bar decor ideas to decorate your home and gain appreciations for your creative skills.

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Story first published: Wednesday, June 20, 2012, 11:22 [IST]
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