How To Accessorize Home With Clocks?

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Every home has clocks but we never really consider them a part of the decoration. We invest on all kinds of other accessories for our home like show pieces, fancy furniture and other tid bits but the most obvious things don't occur to us. A clock obviously has its utility but in the age of mobile phones its utility is running out. But we use watches as an very important accessory even when we have mobile phones; in the same way, you can accessorize your home with various types of clocks that suit different purposes.

Here are some of clocks for your home that can be kept at different locations to contribute to your decor.

Tips To Decorate Home With Clocks:

1. Grandfather Clock: This type of a clock is like a piece of furniture by itself. It is a huge longitudinal structure that is complete in itself. You can place if at any corner of your room against the wall like a shelf or a writing desk. The best place to place it if you have one is in the living room. These clocks area becoming rare and you must treat it with due honour of display.

2. Wall Clocks: It is very rare to find a home with a clock on the wall. It is usually at a place where everybody can glance by. Wall clocks are very useful to accessorize your home because they come in different shapes and sizes. A typical round wall clock is out of the picture now, square, asymmetrical and basically decorative clocks can be used as a replacement of pictures or wall hangings.

3. Table Clocks: This is a types of clock with which you can get really contemporary. Table closks come in the form of all kinds of funny caricatures and cartoons. An elegant one can be your side table accessory and a funky one your kid's study table companion.

4. Customized Clocks: Clocks can be customised with your pictures and designs to make things special for your home. Select a family picture as a background and create a clock on it. It could serve as a family souvenir or heirloom. You could also use table clocks that have a photo frame on one side and the dial on the other as personal accessories.

5. Alarm Clocks: Alarm clocks are highly out of fashion but nobody can deny that their cacophony wakes you much quicker than the mechanical drone of the mobile phone. You can use an antique alarm clock to accessorize your home in a rustic way.

6. Cuckoo Clocks: These famous cousins from Switzerland find a mention in one of the most famous dialogues spoken in Hollywood by Orsen Wells. Cuckoo clocks don't chime, they coo-coo and they do so every hour. It is pretty and engaging to listen to but disturbing at night. Put it up in the living room to entertain your guests.

Use these home decorating ideas to dress your home with clocks.

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Story first published: Wednesday, January 11, 2012, 11:08 [IST]
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