Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas

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The Christmas tree is the centerpiece of your home. When Christmas comes, we all start decorating the house especially the Christmas tree. The decorated green tree has a significance. It is believed that Martin Luther from Germany has started the tradition of bringing Christmas tree at home. He brought the tree to express his feelings and love for his family members. He decorated the tree by lighting candles. Fire is an ancient symbol of spirit and green leaves of the tree represented the life force through the year (the ever burning fire of life).

We decorate the Christmas tree with many ornaments like shiny balls, starts, wreath, red ribbons, pearl necklaces, lights and candles. Well these all ornaments have a significance with the Christmas. For example, the balls represent the planets, the glittering stars connect with Bethlehem and the wreath welcomes the spirit of Christmas.

You can either buy an artificial or original tree and place inside the house or in the lawn. However, decorating the artificial Christmas tree indoors has been the most popular trend. Every year, you have to decorate the tree and make it look different. If you do not have Christmas tree decoration ideas for this year, check out the ornaments that you would require to decorate the tree.

Christmas tree decoration ideas:


Shiny baubles and pearl threads

Shiny baubles can add a classic touch to the Christmas tree decorations. These traditional golden balls are classic too!



Gifts are always used as an ornament for decorating the Christmas tree. You can either make small gifts and cover with red gift paper and hang on the tree branches or simply place gifts around the tree.


Christmas bells

Decorating your Christmas tree with jingle bells is a classic idea. You can either buy colourful bells from the market or make them at home. Adding few artificial leaves and sticking red ribbons will add a designer touch to the decorations.


Cut out hangings

Try something different this year. Cut out heart, star and ball shapes from a red coloured piece of cloth. Stuff with soft toy cotton and stitch them. Hang them on the Christmas tree to get a different look.


Golden stars and balls

As mentioned, stars have a spiritual significance. You can go creative by picking up different colours and sizes of stars. Hang with balls and also place them around the tree with leaves.


Coloured balls

Why not try some modern Christmas tree decoration ideas? These colourful balls can make the tree look bright and gorgeous!



Apart from traditional and holly green wreathes, you can go creative in designing your own wreath. Decorate the doors, walls and the top of the Christmas tree with small and big wreathes.



Spread light around the Christmas tree by lighting few colourful scented candles. Make sure you have red candles in the lot.



Sparkle your Christmas tree with this decoration idea. Rope lights of golden, blue, red and other colours can be used to match with the theme.

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