Decorate Home With Seashells: Cheap Ideas

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Seashells look beautiful. Once you walk on the beach and find shells, you start collecting them and plan to decorate your house with them. There are many ways in which you can use seashells for decorating your house. Here are few cheap decor ideas to use seashells in your house.

7 cheap ideas to decorate home using seashells:

Cheap Ideas Decorate Home With Seashells
  1. Bring a touch of aqua life inside the aquarium. You can use the seashells to brighten up the aquarium in your living room. Just add few colourful shells of different shapes and size inside the aquarium (depending on its wide and size).
  2. Use seashells in the centre table bowl. You can add few colourful shells inside the large glass bowl before placing the floating candles. If you are not using floating candles, just add few shells with pebbles and see how attractive your centrepiece becomes.
  3. Seashell curtains look cool and can be made easily at home. Most of the houses in coastal regions use this nature's gift to decorate their house. Just tie the white or colourful shells with a thread and hang it as a curtain to divide the living and bedroom. Just use this idea to decorate you rooms entrance or balcony.
  4. Another cheap idea to decorate home using seashells is by placing them in the balcony. Just collect all the seashells that come across your way. Arrange them in a net vegetable cover and tie a knot. You can place them in front of the aquarium, windows or in balcony centre table. If you do not have a stock of shells with you, buy a bundle from a street stall near the beach. They are cheap and can be used for decorating home.
  5. Bring a touch of nature in your garden by adding few seashells. Decorate your garden plant pots by placing few small shells. They look good and make your garden more beautiful.
  6. Mirrors can be decorated using seashells. Just cut the shells of a same colour and stick them on the borders of the mirror. You can try this creative art to decorate your bathroom or bedroom.
  7. Handicrafts is a common means of earning money in coastal regions. Many artistic people use seashells to create animals, flowers, tables etc for decorating homes. Try to make an elephant or a small dining table using seashells. You can even buy them and decorate your house.

These are few cheap and fantastic ideas to decorate your house using seashells. Do you have more ideas to use these shells at home? Do share with us.

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