Candle Decoration For Her On V Day!

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Candle Decoration V Day
It is not a really novel idea to do decoration with candles on V Day; most people do it. However, these 'most people' are women and the place is most often the dinner table. But there is more to Valentine's day decoration than just the table especially if you doing it for her. You can make this V Day special for her just by using some great lighting ideas to alter the mood in your home.

So here are some simple steps that you can follow to make candle decoration work fast and easy.

Candle Decoration Ideas For V Day:

1. Make A Path Of Light: There is no better way than fire to ignite your way into love. Whenever she returns from office your goal should be to catch her off guard at once so that the surprise cannot be anticipated. Use small candles in two parallel lines to lead up to the gift or the place where you will be waiting with her gift. It will your path to light to love.

2. A Bed Of Candles: You may of heard of a bed of roses as a figure of speech but if your Valentine's day decoration includes a lit up bed for your special night then it will take her speech away. No we are not suggesting you set your bed on fire. Keep a safe distance and light candles in a line bordering your bed. Keep enough space for the two of you to climb into bed!

3. Lights, Aroma And A Romantic Bath: Candle decoration works wonderfully well when you are in the bathroom. If you have a bath tub then you can accentuate its beauty with candles on all the curves and bends. A curvacious bath is an invitation to romance. When you are decorating your bath then it is best to use aromatic candles for a double whammy of your senses of smell and sight.

4. The Mirror And Illusion Of Light: Mirrors can magnify your efforts at Valentin's day decoration many fold. If you place prettily shaped candles at strategic positions in front of mirrors then the illusion will be of many candles inside the mirror. Moreover it will be like holding a lamp to your lady's face.

5. Patterns And Tints Of Light: If you have old lamp shades or chandeliers then you can make patterns of lights with candles. Actually you can a use tinted cellophane paper to create aura.

6. Bowls Of Candles: If you have been too busy on a working day to do much with lighting ideas then here is a short cut that will not fail you. Buy lots of floating candles and float them in glass bowls of water. Keep these bowls at different strategic places in your home like the dinning table, the centre table, next to the bed, etc. and it will be the best romantic decor ever.

Use these ideas for candle decoration to set the mood for V Day.

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Story first published: Monday, February 6, 2012, 14:25 [IST]
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