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Want Vintage Decoration For Christmas?

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Vintage Decoration Christmas
Vintage Christmas decorations add a different and traditional look to the house interiors. If you want to use the old-fashioned yet cultural ornaments for Christmas decorations, go for vintage decor. Here are few ideas to decorate your house with vintage ornaments this Christmas. Read on...

Vintage Christmas decorations:

Old bronze ornaments: Take out your grand ancestral ornaments from the trunk and decorate the house to get the traditional touch. You can even hang few bronze or metal ornaments on the Christmas tree for a different look.

Rust paintings: All the painting frames with little rust can add glow to the vintage decorations. If you don't have rust frames then you can also use some bronze framed paintings. Hang the paintings near the Christmas tree. You can also hang them in the dining room or staircase.

Candle stand: Use it as a centerpiece and place some red coloured candles to make the vintage decoration look lively. You can also use chandeliers for vintage Christmas decorations.

Heavy curtains: Decorate your windows and set the vintage theme with heavy curtains. These old fashioned curtains adds a touch to the the vintage decor and makes the room look more beautiful.

Pine trees: Why go for artificial Christmas trees when you can have a small pine tree in the house. Earlier, Christmas decorations had original pine trees as they are not only traditional but also spreads the smell of the leaves in the house.

Lanterns: Instead of decorating the Christmas tree with electric rope lights, use lanterns. Lantern lights add a different glow to the interior decoration and makes the vintage Christmas decor look more classic. Don't use bulbs or lights if you have placed lanterns near the Christmas tree.

Try these vintage Christmas decoration ideas to make the festival more special and traditional.

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