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Kitchen Backsplash Tiles : Ideas And Designs

Attractive Kitchen backsplash tiles adds charm to your kitchen. It is an important and integral part of your kitchen tile ideas. Here are few backsplash ideas that may help you in your kitchen make over.

Choosing Kitchen Backsplash tiles

  • The most important of kitchen backsplash ideas is that, one would have to choose the theme that will go with the kitchen floor tiles and walls.
  • The material of the tile should be of the same material of the tiles used for the kitchen flooring and the walls. For example, if the kitchen flooring is of ceramic tiles, one will have to go for kitchen backsplash ideas and desigs in Ceramic tiles.
  • Utility should be one's main concern while not giving up on the look and feel as well.
  • It is important not to get carried away by the beauty of kitchen backsplashes. One would have to make the right choice according to one's kitchen theme.
  • A kitchen modelled on a contemporary theme should carry a contemporary backsplash theme. Kitchens built around modern themes will have to sport a theme accordingly.
  • If the kitchen floor tiles sport few designed tiles, surrounded by plain tiles, the same design can be carried on for the backsplash as well.
  • A decorative backsplash against plain floor tiles will do a good match.
  • Carved backsplash designs may be chosen keeping in mind the maintenance required for cleaning the accumulated dirt.
  • To avoid any mismatch later, it is better to determine the backsplash tiles while choosing the wall and flooring tiles. This will ensure a perfect in-sync.

Kitchen Backsplash tile types

There are various kitchen backsplash tiles that you can choose from for a trendy kitchen. Kitchen backsplash designs on various tile types help you find the right one.

Murals on Ceramic tile backsplashes

Kitchen backsplash designs with murals on Ceramic tiles show off beautifully. There are various themes that are painted on them. One can find kitchen related themes like utensils, vegetables and fruits, grains and food items etc. Flowers, natural scenaries and landscapes, birds and animals also find way on ceramic tiles for a decorative kitchen.

These tiles would only go with Ceramic floor and wall tiles.

Glass Backsplashes

Glass backsplashes are ideal for modern kitchens. They are easy to clean. Check if your backsplash is made of tempered glass that is heat and breakage resistant in case a utensil accidentally brushes or rests against it.

A glass backsplash is free of germs and mold due to it being non porous. While plain glass backsplash goes with every flooring colour, coloured glass should be chosen with care. It either be of the same colour of the flooring or can be contrasted with a colour that goes with the flooring tiles.

It goes well with almost all flooring tiles. Plain glass backsplashes blend well with bamboo and wooden floor tiles as well.

Metallic Backsplashes

Metallic backsplashes are also ideal for modern kitchens. They are available in stainless steel, copper, aluminum etc. Metallic backsplashes goes well with granite flooring.

They are easy to be cleaned and are durable when compared to the glass backsplashes. However one should use a high quality backsplash that is rust resistant.

Mosaic Backslpashes

Mosaic patterns are artistic features on tiles. They are carried on Ceramic tiles, glass and tumbled marble. They are patterns created by chipping small pieces of ceramic tiles, glass or stone tiles pieces

to form a design. Choose the backsplash in tune with the flooring tiles.

Natural stone backsplashes

Natural stone backsplashes invariably blend well with the similar kitchen floor tile material. The backsplash designs are available in a variety of themes for contemporary as well as modern kitchens. Backsplash designs are either painted or carved. They are carried on a variety of materials like Travertine, Bianco, Botticino, Durango, Travertine and Limestone.

These materials also support intricate traditional designs that are best suited for traditional themes. They bring about grandeur in a traditional kitchen.

So go for Kitchen backsplash tiles that suit your kitchen theme and that would impart beauty to your kitchen.

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Story first published: Tuesday, June 21, 2011, 18:27 [IST]
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