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World First Aid Day 2022: 20 Must-Have Items For Your First Aid Kit

Every year, World First Aid Day is observed on the second Saturday of September to raise public awareness of how first aid can save lives in everyday crises. World First Aid Day 2022 falls on 10 September. Knowing the basics of first aid is a necessity for anyone. In addition, being aware of what has to be done and when during a situation that needs medical attention is always a plus point.

World First Aid Day 2022 theme is Lifelong First Aid.

20 Must Have Items For Your First Aid Kit

First aid kits are a must in every home because they keep you ready for minor emergencies like cuts, scrapes, and other injuries at home. They can also hold supplies for disasters like ice storms or power outages. Here are the things you should keep in your first aid kit, whether you buy it or make it yourself.

  1. An antiseptic
  2. Adhesive bandage
  3. Gauze dressing
  4. Crêpe bandages
  5. Safety pins
  6. Tweezers
  7. Scissors
  8. Cotton balls and Q-tips
  9. A thermometer
  10. Mosquito cream or spray
  11. Antiseptic cream
  12. Petroleum jelly or other lubricants
  13. Painkillers
  14. Pain reliever spray, gel or balm
  15. Antihistamines
  16. Paracetamol
  17. Antacid
  18. Pad or tampons
  19. Hot water bottle
  20. First-aid manual

You should check your first-aid kit periodically to ensure that the items in it work and to replace expired or used supplies. Consider taking a first-aid course. Prepare your children for medical emergencies in an age-appropriate manner.

Also, keeping an emergency contact list in your first aid kit is always a good idea. Even though you can store numbers on your smartphone, you might not have the number for your local police or fire department. Also, you might want to include the telephone numbers of your physician, paediatrician, and poison control. Thus, you can contact anyone you need quickly when you need them.

Story first published: Saturday, September 10, 2022, 12:04 [IST]
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