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Foot Sores May Be A New Symptom Of Coronavirus, Here's What You Need To Know

As of 17 April 2020, coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has infected 2,190,010 people and claimed 147,010 lives globally. And in India confirmed cases have gone up to 11,201 and caused 437 deaths.

Since the coronavirus outbreak, we are learning something new about it every day, including the symptoms of the disease.

Studies have shown that people who have contracted coronavirus have been showing symptoms such as high fever, dry cough, sore throat and shortness of breath [1]. But, a new case report has come to light which says that some patients who have contracted the coronavirus may develop skin lesions on their feet.

According to Spanish dermatologists, purplish foot sores may be an early sign of coronavirus infection. The doctors in Spain, France and Italy have noticed that some of the younger COVID-19 patients got these sores before the onset of other symptoms like cough and fever.

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foot sores can be early sign of covid-19

What Does The Case Report Say?

The International Federation of Podologists released a report which said about a 13-year-old boy who was suffering from foot sores initially and later started experiencing symptoms of coronavirus [2].

The boy had fever at 38.5 °C, muscle pain, headache and intense itching and burning on the foot lesions. The foot lesion was 5-15 mm in diameter and the lesions were round, purplish in colour.

The doctors later found that the boy's mother and sister had fever, cough and shortness of breath six days before the appearance of his foot lesions.

The doctors are still examining the changes in the skin linked to COVID-19.

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foot sores can be early sign of covid-19

What Do The Studies Say?

In a hospital in Italy, skin manifestations were observed in about one-fifth of a group of patients with COVID-19. Of the 88 COVID-19 patients 20.5 per cent developed skin manifestations, 44 per cent had skin eruptions before the onset of COVID-19 symptoms and the rest had it after hospitalisation and 78 per cent had red rashes [3].

However, further scientific evidence is needed to confirm the link between coronavirus and foot lesions. Health experts are advising people to self-examine your skin on a daily basis and to consult a doctor immediately if you find any skin abnormalities.

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