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    What Does Holding A Loved One's Hand Do To You?

    By Avni Porwal

    Every experienced adult in this world, whether a man or a woman, would agree to the fact that it is extremely difficult to find the real love of your life. Whether you find your love through a romantic relationship or through a form of an arranged marriage, you cannot basically from day 1 judge and come to the conclusion that you have found the right choice in your kitty.

    Relationships Grow With Time

    A man and woman relationship evolves with time. One day, you might find your boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wife very loyal and humble and the very next day, you might find the opposite. A relationship is very sensitive and, sometimes, the partners in their relationships get possessive too.

    holding hands significance

    So the normal friendly relationship between the same and opposite sexes is considerably different from a special relationship. The special relationship between a boy and girl or a husband and wife needs to have bondage of respect and, very importantly, a mutual trust between them.

    As mentioned earlier, this respect keeps on growing with time. It can fall adversely or grow positively. The margin of sensitivity in this most important human loving relationship is highly fluctuating. The relationship might seem easy-going and casual in the long run; but it is for most of the times easier said than done.

    However, whatever may be the circumstances, the greatest feeling of satisfaction comes when you hold the hand of your love.

    What Can Holding Your Loved One's Hand Do To You

    The feeling of joy is unexplainable in words, when you hold your loved one's hand. The lovers feel that all the happiness, dreams, and the desires of theirs are immersed in the palms of their beloved. There might be many parts of the body of your partners, touching which will provide a sensation; but the ultimate feeling of holding the hands of your beloved is something special.

    It brings out a pure loving gesture from the divine soul. When you hold your partner's hand, you do not feel like having a need for the innumerable number of friends, rather he or she is the only friend, philosopher, and guide whom you feel like worshipping.

    A Few Health Benefits Of Holding Your Loved One's Hand

    When your loved one, in an empathetic gesture, holds your hands, it generally comforts you and does help in reducing your pain. It is also felt in a loving relationship that when an empathetic partner holds the hand of his or her partner in pain, their heart and respiratory rates sync and their pain dissipates.

    The pain might be from emotional turmoil or even a physical ache.

    Holding hands of our beloved creates a comfort level inside us. By holding our beloved hands, we feel secure and get a stimulant to overcome any odds or anxieties. So, whether the partner had official qualms or is mourning for a loss or feeling a little let down for certain reasons, holding hands of the beloved at this juncture lends peace.

    There's no doubt in the partner's mind that the beloved person will be there for him or her and will be there forever fighting against all odds for each other. When both the lovers press each other's palm, they provide similar sorts of warmth and they feel relieved from all the stresses and pressures of the world.

    The warmth of a hand holding another provides love, security, and reassurance. Besides being a way to show affection, holding hands can be good for your health too.

    A Study Report On The Effects Of Holding Hands

    A new study report suggests that holding hands with a loved one can provide relief from physical pain.

    Scientific studies revealed that when a man holding the hand of his wife during the delivery of his son/daughter, could help his wife overcome her pain. When two people hold hands, their breathing, heart rate, and the brain waves synchronize. The more someone empathizes with the other person, the more in sync the brain waves become, which thereby decreases the pain.

    Thus, from all the feelings, studies and the observations about holding the hands of the loved ones, it can be concluded that the palms of both the partners produce a relief balm to each other and this balm also cures the pain of the heart.

    'There is no romantic substitute in the world than holding your partner's hand.'

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