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Kissing On Lips: Do You Know About These Benefits?

Kissing is well known for being one of the best ways to express your loving emotion. You tend to kiss your partner when you feel an utmost urge to express your gratitude, affection and love. In addition to being the best way to communicate your care and concern, kissing has several other health benefits. Various scientific studies have proven the fact that kissing actually makes you live a happy, stress-free and long life.

Burn Calories Through Kissing

One of the most powerful impact that kissing can have on your body is that of burning calories. Research proves that kissing helps you lose the most unwanted calories from your body. Kissing allows you to lose almost 6 calories in a minute.

Now, comparing that to how intensely you workout at the gym, you will only be left wondering how effective and easy losing calories can be through a simple kiss. Compared to losing about 11 calories each minute when jogging on a treadmill, kissing lets you burn calories in a much easier and soothing manner. Hence, certainly being a good way to lose weight.

Natural Form Of Relaxation

One of the hormones that is responsible for calming a human body is Oxytocin. This hormone when produced in an adequate amount relaxes the body and mind. Endorphin is another chemical that gives a person "the feel good" factor naturally. Kissing enhances the quantity of these two chemicals. So, if one is feeling low or depressed, you are just one kiss away from lifting your spirits up. Kissing is known to lower the levels of anxiety and is quite beneficial, much like that of meditation. Kissing increases one's pleasure by releasing dopamine.

Kissing Strengthens The Facial Muscles

So, if you are in the mood of passionately kissing your partner, then go ahead. It not just sets you in a happy mood but also helps you achieve a perfect jaw line. Kissing involves the use of about 30 facial muscles simultaneously. So, if you wish to achieve a well-toned jaw, then work out these 30 facial muscles by kissing frequently.

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Kiss Acts As A Painkiller

After a hard and tiring day at work, it is very natural to be out of all energy, especially if you tend to feel bodily aches. Instead of taking a painkiller, choose to kiss your partner intensely. Kiss is said to release chemicals that can relieve you of pain to a great extent.

Kissing Is The Best Way To Keep Your Heart Young And Healthy

Kissing results in the secretion of adrenaline in our body. This helps in blood being pumped and circulated in a better manner around the body, eventually promoting the heart's health. This is the reason why you might feel the fluttering sensations in your heart even with the simplest thought of kissing your partner. It has been found that couples who kiss often live about five years longer than the ones who do not.

Kiss As A Stress Buster

Blood vessels are expanded when you kiss, thus lowering your blood pressure levels. This being one of the best reasons why a person with high blood pressure issues should consider kissing more often. Kissing has also been associated with lowering stress hormones in the human body. Kissing decreases the cortisol stress hormone to a great extent. So, for people feeling extremely stressed, feel free to choose kissing over an antidepressant pill.

Improving Immunity

Kissing has been found to boost your immune system. Kissing, when passionate enough, can trigger several physiological processes in your body that eventually boosts your immune system. A private practice dentist who also happens to be a consumer adviser for the American Dental Association advocates the potential benefits of kissing after having your meal, instead of brushing.

When you kiss, bacteria from your mouth moves to the other, through saliva. When this happens, the receiving body treats this as a foreign body and results in the production of antibodies, which in turn improves your overall immune system.

Keeps Away Respiratory Tract Allergies

A Japanese study has shown that kissing can reduce the secretion of histamine. This helps you by preventing/reducing allergies related to the respiratory tract.

With so many benefits, kissing is definitely the best let out when you wish to show your affection to your partner.

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