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    5 Advantages Of E-Cigarettes Over Tobacco-rich Cigarettes

    By Soumik Ghosh

    Over a thousand Indians quit smoking every day; sadly, by dying!

    According to the American Cancer Society, smoking increases the risk of 14 different types of cancers and is majorly responsible for 30% of deaths due to cancer. It indeed stands true that smoking continues to remain the world's number-one cause of preventable deaths-it kills over 7-million people each year. Out of that number, more than 6-million deaths are due to direct result of tobacco use, while around 890,000 are non-smokers who are exposed to passive smoke, says the World Health Organisation (WHO).

    So, from the above statistics, or even if you search for 'effects of smoking', you'll be convinced to believe that nothing but tobacco is the villain of the entire story. Not only inhaling burnt tobacco, but also chewing it, is largely damaging to the human health. On the flipside, you'll be surprised to know that removing the tobacco and the combustion part can reduce the abundance of risks to a huge extent.

     5 Advantages Of E-Cigarettes

    And this is exactly where e-cigarettes step in. E-cigarettes are comparatively less harmful than smoking, since they're devoid of tobacco as the key ingredient. They usually function by heating a pure liquid called e-juice (containing flavorings, propylene glycol, glycerin, etc.) until it vaporizes. The resulting vapor is much less offensive to both smokers and non-smokers.

    That's the reason why e-cigarettes are quickly becoming an alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes. Although, debates are still going on in terms of whether e-cigs make perfect replacement to traditional cigarettes, there are still some remarkable benefits of electronic cigarettes over traditional cigarettes, which cannot be overlooked.

    Read about the advantages of vaporizers and some great ways vaping devices win out over smoking, here:

    1. More Freedom To You:

    E-cigarettes can be vaped anywhere. Literally! With the increase of smoking restrictions, most smokers struggle to find a place where they can freely indulge in their habit. Moving on to e-cigarettes, you won't have to avoid "no-smoking zones", as they can be vaped anywhere without fear of harassment, arrest or complaints.

    Sometimes, a lot of people, mostly non-smokers, find the smell from traditional cigarettes offensive and irritating. But, with these smokeless devices, smokers can confidently vape anywhere anytime without causing any inconvenience to others.

    2. More Discreet Than Ever:

    We understand that some smokers, for certain reasons, don't choose to let their friends and relatives know that they actually smoke. Opposite to traditional cigarettes, that leave an offensive smell on one's shirt, etc., e-cigs don't leave any lingering aroma even after vaping. If someone doesn't catch you using a vaping device, they'll never get close to suspecting that you smoke.

    The light vapor is drastically different from heavy smoke, only because it's not smoke, it's merely vapor. Hence, vapers are discreet and by using it, you can avoid an offensive breath and smelling almost like an ashtray.

    3. Greater Choice, At Lower Cost:

    Vaping is a far less expensive affair in comparison to smoking. Unlike tobacco cigarettes, vaping devices are available in both disposable and reusable variations. Even the disposable ones are much longer lasting than a regular cigarette. The only thing you need to replace is your e-juice or cartridges.

    On top, e-cigarettes come in a variety of styles and colours. Some of them are designed like ballpoint pens or pipes, while others are like another regular cigarette stick. You can choose an e-juice, for yourself, that tastes like rich chocolate, or you can even try refreshing mint, light strawberry, or playful bubblegum flavours. With e-cigs, you get ample flavour varieties that is simply not possible to find with tobacco cigarettes.

    4. Renovate Your Health:

    Although exact health benefits of vaping aren't yet documented, the impact of tobacco-powered cigarettes is quite well known. The biggest distinction between vaping and smoking is the presence of tobacco-containing smoke-this smoke damages your lungs and reduces your circulation.

    So, when you stop smoking and start vaping instead, you'll start breathing better in a matter of days. You'll be able to feel it yourself. You'll no longer struggle to climb stairs or walk long distances. Evidently, as your lungs heal, the benefits will only increase.

    5. Break Your Cigarette Addiction:

    Yes, finally! E-cigarettes can actually help you get rid of your smoking addiction.
    Addiction to nicotine has been proven deadly, times and over, so much that nicotine use is still considered a crime in some countries. Additionally, more than often the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal are strong and cause people to relapse, but with e-cigarettes the symptoms can be softened. Addicted smokers who are making the switch to vaping, usually go for a higher level of nicotine strength. This is a normal approach, as a drastic drop will affect your body in the same way as quitting suddenly.

    However, dropping the nicotine strength gradually will help your body re-adjust until it doesn't require nicotine at all. This process can also be followed to actually quit smoking altogether.

    While the goal is to quit smoking and cut down the excessive unhealthy intake of nicotine, e-cigs are a more desirable alternative to traditional cigarettes. As you make the shift to vaping, both you and those around you will experience the myriad of benefits of e-cigarettes.

    Looking for a more convenient way to enjoy nicotine? Consider transitioning from traditional tobacco-rich cigarettes to a cleaner electronic vaping device.

    Down the line, one day, don't you proudly want to say, "Yes! I made it!"?

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    Story first published: Friday, April 20, 2018, 11:33 [IST]
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