Here Are Reasons Why Your Body Hair Is Thinning

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Unlike men, body hair is something that all of us women would like to get rid of, if I am not wrong. However, research has proved that we must be watchful about our body hair as well as hair on our head as the thinning of body hair is a sign of something that is not right in our bodies.

Read on to know the different reasons responsible for the thinning of body hair.


1. Low Oestrogen Level:

The first one is low oestrogen levels. When your oestrogen levels are high, for example during pregnancy, you will also notice an increase in the growth of hair on your head and your body.

After that, when your oestrogen levels decrease, you will notice a tremendous amount of hairfall. Similarly, during menopause you will experience the same due to decrease in oestrogen levels.


2. Stress:

You might notice a decrease in your body hair and also notice a considerable thinning of the hair on your head if you are being subjected to high levels of stress. Also you will notice this if you are suffering from any kind of disease or are going for crash diets.


3. Thyroid Problem:

You can suffer from this condition if you have a thyroid gland that is not functioning properly. Along with thinning hair, if you suffer from dry skin and brittle nails, lethargy, mood swings, tiredness and low levels of energy, get your thyroid hormone levels checked.

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4. Ageing:

The next reason of hairfall could be ageing. If your mother suffered from this condition, then chances are there that you might be suffering from this condition as well. Not only does the hair on your body start thinning as you grow old, you also start suffering from partial baldness.


5. Skin Diseases:

If you have skin diseases or suffer from certain skin conditions, you can end up losing a lot of hair from your body and head. Also patients who suffer from cancer and take chemotherapy treatments can suffer from this condition.

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Story first published: Wednesday, February 1, 2017, 17:30 [IST]
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