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Men Should Masturbate At Least 21 Times A Month To Prevent This Fatal Disease!

By Chandana Rao

If you are a man who masturbates on a regular basis, then here is some good news for you! Yes, this activity could actually aid in keeping you healthy and saving you from developing a life-threatening disease!

The title of this article may have surprised many, because, let us admit it, the topic of masturbation is not very openly discussed in the society.

However, we must realise that masturbation is an activity that is very natural and normal, practiced by many men and women, to attain sexual release.

Earlier, most people did not have much awareness when it came to the topics of sexual intercourse and masturbation, so there was a myth which said that masturbation is an extremely dangerous habit! 

what is masturbation

In fact, a lot of people believed that masturbation can lead to the loss of eye-sight and that it is a habit that can be a blow to a person's morale, etc.

So, a lot of young people feared masturbation and did not indulge in it, even though they felt the urge to, which may have lead to a lot of frustration and psychological issues.

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Masturbation can be described as an act in which a person stimulates his/her own sexual organs in order to attain sexual gratification, without the help of a partner.

As we may know, the need for a sexual release is one of the primal instincts of any human being, so this need has to be fulfilled, otherwise, it could lead to a lot of psychological issues. 

Masturbation can help a person get rid of sexual frustration, and it can also be very pleasurable because a person would know how to stimulate himself/herself the right way!

However, addiction to masturbation can be a huge problem, if it comes in the way of a person's daily activities.

Masturbating just once or twice in a day is considered rather healthy!
So, find out why men should masturbate at least 21 times a month, to avoid a deadly disease, in this article.

Now, as we read earlier, masturbation is a healthy activity, when it is not overdone and it can also have a few health benefits, for both men and women.

Reduce Stress:
Masturbation is known to calm your nerves and reduce stress instantly, as it produces endorphins in the brain.

Increase Sperm Motility:
In addition, masturbation can also increase sperm motility and help a man's erection last for a longer time, during sexual intercourse.

Reduce Risk Of Prostate Cancer:
A recent research study at Harvard University has said that men can reduce their risk of developing prostate cancer, by 3 times, if they masturbate and ejaculate at least 21 times a month!

Prostate cancer is very common, especially in men above the age of 50 and it can be fatal!

This research study said that they noticed that many men above 50 with prostate cancer did not masturbate or have intercourse on a regular basis.

The experts also said that, having a healthy lifestyle, in addition to attaining regular sexual climax is the key to prevent prostate cancer in men.

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    Story first published: Monday, July 17, 2017, 19:30 [IST]
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