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These 6 Popular Indian Street Foods Can Be Extremely Harmful For Health!

Posted By: Chandana Rao

India is famous as the subcontinent with an amalgamation of various cultures, religions, etc., and it wouldn't be wrong to call India one of the most diverse countries on the planet!

India has a number of states and each state has its own traditions, when it comes to lifestyle trends like food, clothing, festivals, rituals, etc.

Coming to the diversity of the foods that we see in India, it would definitely be impossible to list out all the different cuisines and the types of dishes prepared in different parts of the country, because it is a lot!

Each state and even different parts of a state have their one specialty when it comes to food.

side-effects of street foods

So, when in India, it would be definitely be hard to stick to your diet!

Now, just like in most other countries, street foods are also common in India.

Although, different parts of India boast of their own signature street food, there are some street foods which are loved nation-wide and so are available everywhere.

Now, we know that eating foods prepared outside or consuming junk food can be extremely bad for health.

But, has the above fact ever stopped most of us from relishing the foods we love, at least once in a while? No, right?

While it may be alright to consume foods prepared outside of our home occasionally, when we start to consume them on a regular basis, it could lead to serious health ailments.

Even when it comes to street foods, one could be putting one's health at risk, as most of these street foods are prepared in unhygienic conditions, using a lot of harmful ingredients.

Now, there are some Indian street foods which are more harmful than the other; check out what they are, here.


1. Pani Puri

This is one of the most loved street foods in the country; however, the water used to fill the oily puris could be contaminated. So, you could be at the risk of developing viral diseases and also excess fat, because of the oil content.


2. Papdi Chaat

Made with the mixture of oily paapdis, potato, curd and spices, papdi chaat could seem relatively healthier, but it is not! This street food is uncooked, so it could put you at the risk of bacterial diseases.


3. Kachori & Samosa

Another pair of popular street foods, kachoris and samosas are prepared by deep frying, so apart from containing a high amount of unhealthy fats which make you gain weight, these foods can also cause throat infections!


4. Momos

Momos are known to be prepared by using the ajinomoto salt which is linked to major diseases like cancer! Also, the maida used in momos can also be harmful for health.


5. Chole Bature

Although we may feel that chole bature is not too unhealthy, as it is cooked and contains chickpeas, it is extremely high in calories and could make you gain weight quickly!


6. Ice Golas (Chuski)

This colourful ice candy snack is very popular, but, it can contain harmful dyes which can be toxic for your body and can also cause throat infections.

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Story first published: Friday, September 15, 2017, 18:30 [IST]
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