Brain Cancer Signs You Need To Know

By Sripriya Satish

Let us first shed light on what is brain cancer. The cancer cells in the form of tumour formed in the brain tissue are the cause of the brain cancer which is a serious illness that causes hindrance to the functioning of the brain.

They may either form directly on the brain tissue or they may spread from other body parts to the brain.

brain cancer

Knowing the symptoms of brain cancer can lead to its early detection and thus the treatment can be quite easier.

Let us have a look at the brain cancer signs that we must know to handle this illness effectively!

Nausea And Vomiting:

When the stomach gets upset and you feel like throwing up for no particular reason, chances are that you might have a tumour in the brain which may be malignant. The vomiting may be caused due to the increased pressure within the brain.

If vomiting and nausea is accompanied with dizziness or vertigo, then this might be a sign of a tumour. When sudden movements, like quickly turning over in bed, cause vomiting then it is better to get checked for cancerous tumours.

Blurry Vision:

It is possible that your eyes start showing you images which are not clear, in other words you start getting a blurry vision. If this symptom starts worsening with time and the glasses are not helping then it is time to go in for a brain medical checkup.

Apart from the blurry vision, floating shapes and tunnel vision might be the other symptoms. A lot depends on where the tumour is formed. If the tumour is formed near the optic nerve then chances are that your vision gets impaired.

Memory Problem:

Brain cancer's early symptoms may include its impact on the cognitive abilities. Loss of memory and difficulty in concentration may occur. Difficulty in thinking and processing information may also indicate the early warning for a malignant tumour in the brain.


Headaches are very common ailments and you need not worry too much if the aches fade away quickly. But, you need to worry under the following situations:

  • Headache frequency is greater, that is, if you wake up each morning with a terrible ache in your head then it is a cause for concern.
  • Intensity of headaches also matters. If a headache is unbearable then it is time to visit a doctor.

Muscle Weakness:

Muscle weakness may also result in the case of malignant tumours. The weakness may occur on a particular side of the body resulting in numbness. Facial muscles get weakened if the tumour is formed in the cranial nerves.

Difficulty In Walking:

As already mentioned, the symptoms of cancer can largely vary depending on where the tumour occurs. If the mass of cancerous cells is formed in that part of the brain which controls motor skills then chances are there that your coordination and movements get greatly affected.

Balancing the body will be also a huge problem and it may result in difficulty in walking.


Brain cancer also results in fatigue which does not get better with sufficient rest. If you encounter an overwhelming fatigue frequently then it is better to have a consultation with the doctor. Combating fatigue is also a must to lead a healthy lifestyle.


If you are starting to develop new seizures or fits then this condition may be the indication of the onset of a cancerous brain tumour. Fits are associated with a vigorous jerking of hand or leg and it may also affect the whole body. Treatment undertaken with immediate effect may detect the underlying root cause which may be brain cancer.

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    Story first published: Thursday, August 17, 2017, 19:00 [IST]
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