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When Do You Need To Remove Fibroid Tumours Surgically?

Posted By: Lekhaka

Fibroids are non cancerous tumours that grow in and on the uterus. When the size of these fibroids grow in size, they cause immense pain and heavy periods. These can also become a hindrance in some people who are trying to conceive. This is when doctors advise such patients to go for myomectomy, which is the process of removing fibroids from the uterus surgically.

Myomectomy increases the chances of becoming pregnant. The procedure involves the removal of the fibroids from the uterus through hysteroscopy, laparoscopy or laparotomy. The location of the fibroids, the size of the fibroids and the number of fibroids are the basis on which the procedure to be used is decided upon.

when to remove fibroid tumours

After the operation, immediate post operative recovery includes an average of two days in the hospital. A fifth of the patients can go home the following day after operation, and about eighty percent individuals go home in two days.

Patients may be given as much pain killers as they request to ensure they are comfortable. A slight temperature is common in the first one or two days after the operation. The first few days at home should be taken very carefully. Oral pain reliefs like Panadeine or Panadol can be needed, especially during the night.

Return to regular life happens after two to three weeks for many patients. All patients should individually evaluate their recovery rate. The infection rates are low as preventive antibiotics are used during and after the operation.

when to remove fibroid tumours

During the time of the surgery some blood will be lost. Hence it is required that the patient takes care and eats healthy after the surgery. The medicines prescribed should be taken on time and optimum rest should be taken to recover as quickly as possible.

In case there are complications like bleeding from the vagina, pain in the lower abdomen, high temperature, etc. it might indicate chances of infection. In such cases, one should rush to the doctor without delay.

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Story first published: Thursday, November 10, 2016, 20:30 [IST]
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