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Are Myopic People Intelligent Than The Rest? There Are Hints That They Are

By: Shubham Ghosh

Myopia or near-sightedness is an ailment of our eyes that disrupts the distant vision. But, at the same time, there are also opinions that people with myopia are "more intelligent" and "smarter" than those who don't have it.

Is there really a connection between being myopic and being smart? Or is it just that because people with myopia wear glasses, they look more intelligent and appealing?

what is myopia

Of course, we like stereotyping, don't we?

This is a cultural tendency of stereotyping people wearing glasses as being more intelligent. From children to adults, the majority always find bespectacled people having a more appealing personality. But then, even those having far-sightedness (hyperopia) also wear glasses. So, what makes the myopic people any different?

The following points give some explanation on finding a connection between myopia and intelligence. Read on.

Relationship Between Myopia & Higher IQ

what is myopia

It is said that people who have near-sightedness have higher intelligence level than those who are not. However, the explanation that it is because studious people are more prone to myopia, since they read all day along, is not considered to be the exact reason. Rather, scientists say that "visual exploration of the near environment" from birth may actually be the reason for a close connection between intelligence and myopia.

Limited Vision Is Equal To More IQ?

what is myopia

Yet another school of thought says damage in the brain's occipital lobe, which is responsible for processing the information gathered by our eyes, is more than overcompensated in the brain's frontal lobe, which is responsible for high-level thinking. Hence, the correlation.

A Psychological Angle:

Since a person with myopia is not really bothered by things that are happening at a distance (by limitation rather than choice), so he/she is seen to be less distracted and can have a better concentration on the work in hand. A myopic person is also said to have a better ability of creating something from a new angle, since in his/her case, the brain depends more on the memory than the real-time viewing, thanks to the limitation in sighting.

Are Myopic People Intelligent Than The Rest

It is also inferred that people with myopia are less inclined to take risks and work that much extra to achieve success. It is perhaps because they are aware of their long-distance limitation and work extra to make it up.

A Word On Intelligence:

The term intelligence also is a tricky one, as its range of cognitive and psycholinguistic abilities can vary. Still, we define it as a general mental ability for problem solving, reasoning, learning and thinking. Now, to what extent is a myopic person really doing well in these traits also make the debate a critical one.

Finally, The Debate Is Endless:

Are Myopic People Intelligent Than The Rest

Since there is no hard evidence on this matter yet, hence the correlation between myopia and high intelligence continues to be a topic of intense debate. The argument was born out of the fact that over the past several centuries, it was observed that the occurrence of myopia among people had a direct relation with the rise in the average level of intelligence.

In addition to the debates over the relation between myopia and intelligence, other factors like educational levels, ethnicity, Genetics and environmental causes have also been taken into account. Most studies have given an indication that myopia and intelligence have some relation; but more is yet to be established on this.

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Story first published: Thursday, October 13, 2016, 20:30 [IST]
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