What Happens When Your Body Lacks Fluids

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Deficiency of fluids is a heat-related illness which happens when an individual does not take in enough fluids. It is connected with summer because whenever we are exposed to heat during summer, or go on vacations to hotter countries, we lose water and salts through increased perspiration. It is essential to increase our intake of fluids during these times.


Mild dehydration may cause symptoms like weakness, dizziness and fatigue. Severe dehydration is a life threatening medical emergency. Deficiency of fluids is categorized as mild, reasonable or serious based on just how much of the body fluid is lost or not replenished.

Deficiency of fluid symptoms typically become apparent after two percent of one's standard water volume is lost.

Children's dehydration signs need to be acted on more quickly because any prolonged dehydration in children can result in sickness and growth delays. Since kids have less fluids, going from mild dehydration to serious or worst, happens much faster than it does in adults.


Recognizing the signs of dehydration is very crucial to your survival. Feelings of weakness and thirst are the earlier symptoms. Your skin can be less elastic and mucous membranes may be dry. You will have sunken eyeballs which will feel dry and scratchy due to the lack of humidity required to produce tears.

Physically speaking the lips will dry and start to break, the urine can be dark and the skin can be dry and papery and lose its elasticity.

Since an early treatment for dehydration is important, it is better to seek medical care at a hospital as soon as you can if serious dehydration has set in. It is also essential that you watch for symptoms of dehydration in kids and older people as they may not be capable to recognize the symptoms themselves.


Every year, a number of individuals seek medical care at hospitals for dehydration. Not managing dehydration properly or more ignoring it might lead to more complicated physical and emotional symptoms.

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Story first published: Monday, November 14, 2016, 18:30 [IST]
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