What Happens When You Have Fibrocystic Breasts?

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Nothing gives a woman more relief than learning a lump in her breast is harmless. Women start worrying when they find lumps in their breasts and when these lumps get bigger and tender or when additional lumps start appearing. Although the suffering eases after menstruation, it comes back month after month.

This condition, called fibrocystic breasts, happens when small, fluid filled sacs appear in the milk producing glands. For many women, making several simple changes in their diets might help keep it in check. By giving up several foods, you might be able to get rid of the lumps completely.

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If you drink lots of coffee, tea or cola, your breasts can be paying the price. Drinks with caffeine contain compounds called methyxanthines which may cause lumps in your breast to become inflamed and tender. The more caffeine you have the more tender your breasts tend to be.

what happens when you have fibrocystic breasts

Women who drink little or no coffee are not as likely to get fibrocystic breasts in the first place. Researchers at Yale University Medical School found that women who drank about two cups of coffee each day were one hundred and fifty percent more prone to develop fibrocystic breasts than women drinking no caffeine.

what happens when you have fibrocystic breasts

Women who had four to five cups each day were two hundred and thirty percent more prone to have the problem. So ladies with fibrocystic chests are advised to eliminate caffeine from their diets. You need to eliminate caffeine for two to three months to determine whether it can make any difference.

It is not just what you drink, but additionally what you eat that may cause fibrocystic breasts. Research shows that women who include lots of fat in their diets, especially unhealthy fat, the form present in meat and dairy foods are more inclined to develop fibrocystic breasts than women who eat leaner fare.

what happens when you have fibrocystic breasts

This is most likely because a high fat diet increases the quantity of oestrogen within the body, which could fuel the growth of lumps in the breasts. In one little study, ten ladies with fibrocystic breasts reduced their consumption of dietary fat to twenty percent of total calories. Three months later, all ten said that their breast pain was gone.

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