Unusual Facts About Sneezing That You Must Know

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Have you ever thought why we end up sneezing every now and then? It can be due to allergies. Among the first symptoms of an allergy are coughing as well as sneezing, a runny nose as well as red, itchy eyes. Sneezing can also be caused by some foreign particle that ends up in your nose.

Today, here we shall discuss certain unusual facts about sneezing that you must be aware of.

why do we sneeze

Did you know that your exposure to the sun can cause sneezing? Research has proved that sunlight and sometimes bright lights end up affecting the nervous system of people and they end up sneezing. It has been found to occur in thirty percent of the world population.

why do we sneeze

Have you noticed that we never wake up sneezing. Have you wondered why? This is because when you sleep, almost all the muscles in your nose are paralyzed which includes the muscles that contract and expand when you sneeze.

why do we sneeze

This is possible when you are fast asleep. However, when you do not sleep deeply, you can wake up sneezing as all the muscles are active during this time.

Have you ever tried to keep your eyes open while sneezing? It is not possible to keep your eyes open while sneezing. This is because the nerves in the nose and the eyes are connected. As a result you end up closing your eyes while sneezing due to a reflex action.

why do we sneeze

Whenever you sneeze, you let out little droplets of water. Ever wondered what these are?These contain bacteria that float in the air and finally settle down on people or things. Hence, this is the reason why we have been told since childhood to cover our mouth while sneezing.

Contrary to popular belief that sneezing makes us skip a beat, sneezing makes our heart rate slow. It is because when you sneeze, your blood pressure goes up and your heart rate slows down.

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Story first published: Saturday, December 10, 2016, 17:30 [IST]
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