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These Are The Conditions That Increase Your Risk Of Early Menopause

Posted By: Lekhaka

Menopause is a blatant reality in a woman's life. It might hit a woman anytime between her mid forties or mid fifties. However, there are women who might encounter this condition very early in life due to their lifestyle and certain habits that they have. Certain bodily conditions are also responsible for it.

Menopause comes with a host of problems like hot flushes, night sweating, nervous tension, menstrual disturbances, sleeplessness, diminished interest in sex, frustration, depression, etc. These can be dealt with an effective nutritional plan, special supplements and the right mental attitude.

risk factors of early menopause

Research has found that women who undergo early menopause are seen to suffer from osteoporosis, heart diseases, dementia, depression and stroke. Here are some conditions that can increase your risk of menopause.

risk factors of early menopause

Do you smoke? If you do, then you could undergo an early menopause. Smoking causes damage to the ovarian follicles. Hence, people who smoke are at the risk of early onset of menopause by one or two years.

risk factors of early menopause

If you are stressed, you might undergo menopause early in life. This is because stress not only affects your body and mind causing several diseases, it also ends up affecting the ovaries.

risk factors of early menopause

If you are too thin, watch out. You can end up with an early menopause. This is because if you are thin as a result of some disease or conditions like bulimia and anorexia, you might end up affecting your ovaries in the wrong way.

risk factors of early menopause

Do you have a drinking problem? If you are in the habit of drinking alcohol, you might end up with an early menopause. This is because alcohol ends up affecting the body and the ovaries in a wrong way by not allowing the body to absorb nutrients from the food that you are eating.

You might have an early onset of menopause if you have undergone chemotherapy. Chemotherapy ends up destroying the cells in the ovary causing early menopause.

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Story first published: Wednesday, December 21, 2016, 21:30 [IST]
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