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Surprising Causes Of Pain That You Didn't Know

Posted By: Lekhaka

We all go through pain at certain points of our lives. Here I am talking about body pain that is caused due to several factors. Both physical as well as emotional reasons are responsible for body pain. Today we shall discuss certain surprising ways that end up causing body pain.

According to research, people who hold back anger, cause a lot of harm to their body. A study was conducted in which people were harassed and some were asked to hold back their anger and some were asked to express it. It was found that people who held back their anger were found to suffer from lower back pain.

what are the main causes of pain

It is not always possible to vent our anger in all situations. Hence, in such cases, to prevent the pain and to prevent from hurting yourself, during such situations, take deep breaths and head to a secure and private place where you can vent your anger.

The next surprising way you could be causing yourself pain is by sitting for long hours at your desk at work. You often end up with stiff shoulders and headaches. To prevent such things, make sure to sit in a proper chair while at work and do some relaxing exercises while being seated at your workplace. Get up every couple of minutes and take a walk.

what are the main causes of pain

Your phone could be causing you a lot of pain. Talking while doing some work forces your neck to be in a not so nice position. You could end up with neck and shoulder pain. Always use ear plugs while talking to avoid this issue.

what are the main causes of pain

You can cause yourself emotional and physical pain by thinking about the worst. When you worry too much, you just focus on the worry and not on the solutions. This ends up affecting your mind negatively and this in turn causes physical pain.

When you sleep less, you end up causing yourself pain. This is because the body is healed when you sleep and an inadequate amount of sleep leads to body pain.

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Story first published: Wednesday, December 21, 2016, 4:00 [IST]
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