7 Must Know Facts About UTI

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The word "UTI" which also means "urinary tract infection", makes one get cramps, as the thought of suffering from it can be quite painful.
It is necessary that women must to aware of certain UTI facts to avoid further infections.

Every single thing you do while you suffer from UTI can only make matters worse for you, as you will not be able to concentrate on anything else.

Did you know that taking shower in a bath tub often can lead to a UTI problem?

Well, a research has proved this and experts have also suggested that taking a direct shower has lesser chances of a woman getting UTI. Apart from this, there are couple of reasons that cause this painful condition.

Some of the symptoms of UTI include a burning sensation when you pee, an urge to pee badly even if you've just finished visiting the washroom, a severe back pain and a cloudy dark, bloody, foul-smelling urine along with fever and chills.

Therefore, in this article, we are here to share some of the UTI facts that women actually need to know to control this condition. Do have a look:


Women Are More Likely To Get It

This may make you wonder if men do suffer from this syndrome too. Well, studies have proved that men also suffer from this, but when compared to women their chances are less. This is because the rectum and vagina are very close to the urethra, making it more prone to get infected with the bacteria.


Sex Is The Culprit

This is considered as one of the biggest causes for UTI. During intercourse, the bacteria can get pushed to the urethra that make you more prone to this irritating condition.


“Wipe From Front To Back” Rule

This is something that we have been thought since we were little kids. Wiping from back to front only increases the risk of bacteria and E.coli to get pushed to the urethra, which can result in an infection of the urinary tract.


It Requires Treatment

An UTI does not go away on its own. If you have symptoms of pain during urination, increased frequency of urination, cloudy urine, etc, you need to consult a doctor immediately, as the condition can be persistent otherwise.


You Can Prevent It

This condition can actually be controlled when you keep yourself completely hydrated, regularly empty your bladder and avoid unhygienic intercourse.


Ill Fitting Clothes

Avoid wearing tight-fitting clothes and let your skin breathe, especially near your vaginal area. This avoids growth of bacteria and increases the air circulation controlling the moisture content.


Birth Control Tricks Backfire

Studies have revealed that women who use birth control methods like diaphragm or spermicide are at an increased risk of getting affected with this infection. Having birth control device inside the body reduces the flow of urine, thus increasing the risk of UTI.

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