7 Foods To Avoid If You Have Stomach Ulcer

By: Somya Ojha

Stomach ulcer is a particular type of sore that gets formed in the in the lining of the digestive system. As per a recent study, more than 9 million people in India alone, care suffering from this condition.

Though treatable, this condition can cause a great deal of pain and discomfort in the upper abdomen. Other than that, there are other harrowing symptoms like bloating, nausea, acid reflux, that may be an indication of this health condition.

Hence, the need to pay special attention to the food you eat, as certain food items may worsen the pain and make the symptoms more severe. These food items can significantly increase the stomach acid and make it difficult for your stomach to function efficiently.

That is why, today at Boldsky, we’re letting you know about the foods that you must avoid if you have stomach ulcer. Maintaining a proper diet and staying stress-free can make a world of difference to your health.

Also, if you are suffering from this problem then you must consult a health professional and take utmost care of your health as ignoring this condition may lead to other health problems.

With that in mind, read on to know more about these foods.


1. Coffee

Consumption of caffeine can increase the amount of acid present in your stomach. That is why, an individual diagnosed with stomach ulcer is advised to steer clear of caffeinated drinks, as they can worsen the acid reflux and cause a delay in the overall healing process.


2. Spicy Food

Many studies conducted in this field have found that intake of spicy food can exacerbate this condition and can cause irritation in the ulcer that presently exists in the stomach. So. in order to let the ulcer heal, you must try to avoid spicy food.


3. Baked Food

Baked food items are replete with trans fat and other content that can cause the acid reflux to raise further and cause irritation in the ulcer. That is why, one must stay away from baked food if suffering from stomach ulcer.


4. White Bread

Another food that can worsen the condition and make the symptoms more unpleasant is white bread. It is recommended to cut down the intake of refined goods like white bread when suffering from this health problem.


5. Red Meat

The high content of fat in red meat can too contribute to this problem. Hence, it is extremely important to avoid red meat at all costs, to prevent the condition from getting worst.


6. Alcohol

It is well known fact that consumption of too much alcohol can have adverse effects on one's digestive system. People who have stomach ulcer should under no circumstance consume too much of alcohol. Not just that, it has been found that a person who over indulges in alcohol is more likely to develop an ulcer in his/her stomach.


7. Dairy Products

Dairy products may lead to an overproduction of acid in the stomach. In turn, it can worsen the ulcer and cause the symptoms to get worst. So try to lower the intake of milk and other dairy products till the ulcer heals properly.

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