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Reasons To Drink Black Tea Every Day

Black tea is one of the widely consumed beverages. It is known for its strong flavour. Black tea is more oxidised compared to other teas, which gives it its rich colour and flavour.

Black tea is loaded with caffeine, carbohydrates, potassium, minerals, fluoride, manganese and polyphenols.

Black tea is also a good source of antioxidants such as tannin, guanine, xanthine, purine, catechins and gallic esters. Consuming 3 cups of black tea is known to increase the concentration power and alertness too.

Black tea is one of the best teas to include in the diet for its numerous health benefits. However, sadly, not many are aware of its goodness. The rich antioxidants present in it have the potential to combat various diseases.

Likewise, there are numerous health benefits of consuming black tea on a regular basis.Therefore, in this article, we at Boldsky will be listing out some of the reasons to sip on a cup of black tea every day. Read on to know more about it.


Good For The Heart

According to a research, consuming black tea prevents the onset of cardiovascular problems. The antioxidants present in it prevents the bad cholesterol from getting oxidised. Consuming black tea reverses coronary artery diseases.


Prevents Cancer:

The antioxidants in black tea help prevent the formation of potential carcinogens in the body, and result in preventing rectal, ovarian, lung and bladder cancers. Black tea also helps to prevent breast, prostate and stomach cancers.


Free Radical Elimination

Free radicals can cause blood clot, cancer and atherosclerosis. Consuming black tea every day eliminates free radicals and protects the body from the onset of different ailments. It also helps in reducing pathogens.


Boosts The Immune System:

Black tea also helps to strengthen the immune system. The tannin present in it fights viruses and treats common ailments such as influenza, cold and flu. Drinking 4 cups of black tea per day reduces inflammation and pathogen entry in to the body.


Maintains Oral Health

The antioxidants present in it also reduce oral cancer. The antibacterial property in it inhibits bacteria that cause tooth decay. Black tea also contains fluoride that fights bad breath and eradicates the harmful bacteria from the oral cavity.


Stimulates Brain And Nervous System:

Black tea also promotes blood flow in the body. It helps one to relax and concentrate on the tasks. Consuming 4 cups of black tea a day is beneficial in reducing the stress levels.


Aids In Digestion:

Tannin present in black tea is beneficial for the digestion process. It can combat all sorts of intestinal and gastric illnesses. It has a therapeutic effect too. It also helps to lower the intestinal inflammation.

Story first published: Thursday, February 18, 2016, 4:01 [IST]
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