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Time For Dads To Be #Tagged Acche Papa

Posted By: Staff

Somebody has rightly said, the husband is the head of the family and the wife is the neck that turns the head around. Ladies, don't you agree?

Behind a successful man there is always a woman and behind an acche papa, there is a mumma who helps him get there.

Have you heard of a husband who helps in the daily chores, has great fitness levels, fulfills his duties and is an acche papa from the very beginning? Me neither!

Ladies, do you know where to find an Acche papa? Well they are not found but papas are to be moulded into being active husbands and acche papas.

Let's see what goes on in making a good papa that our children just can't stay away from.

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Dollops Of Patience:
Yes, a generous helping of patience. Patience to not lose your cool when you see the treadmill your better half bought for fitness purposes turn into a hanger for drying out clothes. Save your urges to sell fit bit, tennis racquet and those jogging shoes when you see them lying unused by your husband for very long.

A Generous Dose Of Understanding:
A generous dose of understanding to understand that your husband would love to be active, love to be a rockstar at the parties, love to be an acche papa to your kids, but the only thing that is stopping him from doing so is tiredness due to the hectic schedule.

A Whole Lot Of Love:
And a whole lot of love is required to keep yourself in his shoes and start making small changes in his life that he becomes "just papa to an active and engaging papa". Why not start this by making changes in his food habits?

The food we eat decides if we stay active or lazy throughout the day. That is where Nature Fresh works with women across the country to help her with low fat cooking. As Nature Fresh Acti Lite oil has low absorption technology that ensures the food absorbs lesser oil, thus keeping food light and making family active.

Now, your children will start feeling happier to see more of their papa. So, make these changes in your better half's life and see him transform into your kids Papa to ache papa.

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