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Malasana Or Garland Pose For Strengthening & Toning Your Legs

By: Mona Verma

Unlike other Yoga poses, this pose depicts two meanings. English and Hindi translations differ, and hence the pronunciation.

Many people relate it as Mala, which means Garland or Necklace. However, the actual term is pronounced as Mal Asana, which means excrement or shit.

It was actually a traditional way of going to the toilets in India, when there were no washrooms. People used to go in the open, or in their farms.

 It was believed earlier that while sitting in such a pose, your intestines are at their best to release all the waste after digestion because whatever important that is required, is consumed and absorbed by the body. Hence, this pose got the name Mal Asana or Malasana.

Malasana For Strengthening Your Legs

Since you sit in such a way, your thighs and your legs get nicely strengthened; and earlier, people never used to have joints or arthritis problems like in the modern days.

These days, we can even see college students facing joint problems, forget about the elders.So, read below to find the step-by-step procedure to perform this effective asana.

Step-By-Step Procedure To Perform This Asana

Step 1: Not closely joining your feet, but bringing them a bit closer, sit on your feet, with your heels firm on the ground. Knees should be completely bent and back should be straight.

Step 2: Just widen your thighs a bit and exhale. Make your torso fit between your thighs comfortably.

Malasana For Strengthening Your Legs

Step 3: Sit in salutation pose, that is, in a prayer pose, joining your palms together, while pressing your elbows against your inner knees. This will strengthen your torso as well.

Step 4: Exhale. Now press your inner thighs against the sides of your torso and get your arms forward.

Malasana For Strengthening Your Legs

Step 5: Be in the same position for about a minute. In the beginning, you’ll feel a bit uncomfortable and will feel pain in your legs and thighs.

Step 6: Just relax and sit for a while. Repeat again as per your requirement.

You should try performing this asana at least for 10 minutes in a day. If you have strong legs, you’ll be able to be strong and live happy.

Benefits Of This Asana

  • Helps pregnant ladies to have normal delivery
  • Tones calves muscles and ankles
  • Helps relax the lower back
  • Prevents constipation and perfects the body metabolism
  • Activates the second chakra that is associated with feelings and sexuality


The one with a knee operation shouldn’t follow doing this asana, as it will be tough to sit, stand and maintain the balance.

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