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Laser Dentistry: The New Tool In Dental Care

By: Dr. Balasubramanya KV

One of the newest technology in dental care is laser dentistry. Using an extreme beam of light, this new technology helps treat tooth decay, gum infection, etc, with much higher precision compared to the normal treatment procedure.

Apart from its accuracy rate, the recovery time for the patients is also quite fast.

How The Treatment Works?
The beam of light accurately focusses on the area which needs treatment. For instance, the tooth or the gum. The best part of the laser treatment is that it helps sterilise the area which needs treatment and this helps reduce the pain considerably, preventing bleeding and any kind of infection.

So why should the laser dental treatment be preferred over any other normal procedures? In case of dental treatment using laser, only a minor incision is made that too exactly at the area of the gum or teeth, so it does not need much of sutures and anaesthesia as well.

lastest laser tool in dental care

It helps prevent damage to the surrounding areas of the gums or tissues, which have received the treatment.

Above all, it extremely reduces the chances of an infection, reduce pain considerably and prevent excessive bleeding. Meanwhile, the recovery time is also quite faster compared to the normal treatment procedures.

When it comes to safety, laser dentistry is considered safe by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA). Unlike the normal existing techniques that are used widely, laser dentistry helps treat the problem with accuracy and helps prevent damage to any other surrounding parts like the gums, tongues or other teeth.

lastest laser tool in dental care

However, the only thing is that it should be used under the supervision of trained specialists.

It isn't just one but laser treatment can be performed for various tooth problems. For those having a tooth decay, and have the metal fillings, which need to be removed or which need to be filled, this laser treatment can be performed with great accuracy.

Other dental procedures where laser treatments are effective include treating gum disease, sterilising root canal infections and placement of dental implants.

MDS Periodontist & Laser Practitioner,
He is the head of the Dental Department at the Sakra World Hospital, Marathahalli, Bangalore and the Chinmaya Mission Hospital, Indiranagar, Bangalore.
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