Is Nail Fungus A Contagious Disease?

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Many of us suffer from nail fungus which we want to get rid of as quickly as possible because on one hand they are not pleasant to look at and on the other hand, we do not want to carry a disease with us.

Is nail fungus a contagious disease? The brief answer to that question is yes. If you are seeing signs of the nail fungus, yellowing of the nails, green, crusty or bumpy in features, odds are, you picked up an infection from another person.

causes for nail fungus

A lot of people think nail fungus is not an infectious illness and do not worry too much about taking additional precautions of treating it. Just in case you have it, you must be additionally careful, particularly with members of the family. You could spread it to all who live at home as well as to any one in public.

causes for nail fungus

Your obligation as a nail fungus sufferer must be to keep a high degree of hygiene. Refrain from visiting public services like a community swimming pool. At the local gym for instance, wear protective footwear. Do not utilize the showers or walk around bare legs in places where others may come in touch with fungus bacteria.

causes for nail fungus

Manicures and pedicures must be out of the question, particularly if your routine is to visit nail salons usually. The incredibly infectious nature of nail fungus is spread to others in the form of bacteria. The most recent estimates say that over 35 million individuals are affected.

causes for nail fungus

Do not share your shoes, particularly your flip flops with anyone. Avoid walking in public areas bare foot, for example, poolside, showers and public baths. Around the house, wear cotton socks so that others do not contract the disease. If you have to wear socks, change your shoes and socks often.

Dry legs thoroughly after showers and use an anti fungal powder in your shoes and then apply a topical solution directly to the contaminated nail. Applying VicksVapoRub and apple cider vinegar also stops the disease from spreading and in ultimately curing the nail fungus.

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Story first published: Thursday, November 17, 2016, 22:30 [IST]
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