How Can You Get Rid Of Stomach Pain Due To Flatulence?

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Stomach pain due to flatulence or gas in the stomach makes many lives troublesome, and is something which should be addressed quickly and completely. As with most other signs of flatulence, it is usual for abdomen pain and bloating to become apparent after we eat.

It might be that we have overeaten, or eaten something that disagrees with us, but whichever the cause, the result is that our stomach produces more gas than it normally would.

causes of stomach pain

The gas bubbles that remain in the stomach result in abdomen pain and bloating. The factors behind trapped gas are diverse, but the most typical tends to be the overproduction of carbon dioxide as a result of digestion, that makes gas harder to pass.

This makes abdomen pain and bloating much more likely, and may be hard to break down. Sufferers of flatulence may be familiar with the continual and tenacious pain which appears to be impermeable to whatever they throw at it in an attempt to calm it down.

The condition may be caused by intolerance to foods, by irritable bowel syndrome or by various other digestion issues, and abdomen pain is likely to result in a lot of discomfort before the patient takes decisive steps to deal with it.

causes of stomach pain

Bloating generally is a condition that is hard to live with. It becomes very uncomfortable and it could even lead to disturbed sleep. The best response to abdomen pain and flatulence is to try alternative medicine.

An infusion of herbal tea is usually a very efficient cure for abdomen pain and flatulence. A hot compress like a warm water bottle placed over the stomach can help to provide relief. Natural peppermint oil can be either inhaled or rubbed on the abdomen to get relief. These are some of the excellent remedies to get rid of abdomen pain and flatulence.

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Story first published: Friday, November 18, 2016, 16:30 [IST]
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