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Health Myths That You Should Know

By: Tanushree Kulkarni
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Eating foods rich in fat makes you fat, you shouldn’t swim after you eat, eating ice cream during winters can be harmful to you, these are just some of the adages that plague us every day.

Just because they have been said enough number of times, it doesn’t mean that they are true.

A lot of these health myths stem from the fact that they have been repeated enough number of times on the internet, in the magazines, and even by elders in the family.

In listening to some of these myths, we end-up making a poor health choice.

So, what are these myths actually? How do they coax us to make a bad health choice? Today, at Bodsky we have listed down eight such age-old myths that we read on the Social Media or hear from people around us.

So, without more epithets, here is presenting adages that need an urgent update.


Microwaving Kills The Nutrients In Food

Does microwaving your food kill the nutrients present in it? While microwaving kills some nutrients in it, it doesn't hold true for all the nutrients.

There are some food items that are safe to be microwaved, whereas there are some that aren't.


Eating Food Rich In Fats Makes You Gain Weight

Contrary to the popular belief, eating fatty food makes you fat. The mantra lies in moderation. You don't gain weight when you consume fat in moderation.

You gain weight because you consume more fat than that amount which is burned by the body. Avocado, walnuts, etc, are examples of good fats, whereas fried and processed foods constitute to bad fats.


Eating Carbs Causes Weight Gain

Carbs are often the villain for those on diet. But, the truth lies in striking a balance.

It is proven by experts that intake of carbohydrates in moderation doesn't cause any harm to you, contrary to what most people think.


Gluten-free Food Is Better For Health

The absence of gluten only doesn't make your food choice healthier. Our bodies have the ability to process gluten.

If you aren't gluten sensitive, our bodies process the gluten just fine. A lot of these gluten-free items is made with refined starch that is not good for the health.


You Require Lesser Sleep As You Grow Older

Our sleeping pattern changes as we grow older, but it is not true that our sleeping requirement decreases with growing age.

An average human being requires between 7 and 8 hours of sleep to feel alert. You may wake up easily from sleep, but it doesn't mean that you require fewer hours of a shut-eye.


Sitting Too Close To The Television Affects Your Vision

Sitting too close to the TV doesn't affect your vision, but if you sit less than 1 and a half meters away from the TV set, it can tire the muscles of the eyes. Make sure to sit far enough and sit in a well-lit room to avoid an eye strain.


Heart Attack Comes With A Significant Pain In The Chest

Men experiencing a heart attack often complain about a squeezing kind of pain accompanied by some discomfort in the chest. But, women are more likely to express vague pain and discomfort.


Vegetarians Don't Get Adequate Proteins In Their Diet

A lot of meat eaters tend to believe that if you are a vegetarian, you must not be getting an adequate amount of proteins in your diet. But, the truth is that, food items such as paneer, pulses, nuts, rajma, etc, do contain a good amount of proteins.

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Story first published: Wednesday, January 27, 2016, 6:00 [IST]
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