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8 Warning Signs Of High Blood Sugar

If you are frequently feeling hungry or you have been putting on weight constantly despite several efforts you have been taking to cut down on your calories, then you need to watch out. These might be a few among the warning signs of high blood sugar.

It isn't just the diabetics who should be worried about the spike in blood sugar level but every other person should be watchful about the food that they eat,as this is one of the major reasons that gives rise to the blood sugar.

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Other contributory factors might include lack of proper food, lack of exercise, lack of sleep and stress.

Since the symptoms of high blood sugar are not so prominent initially, one should be very careful about any changes in the health condition that they experience. It is very important to identify the problem at the nascent stage and get the blood sugar level under control.

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If not taken care of on time and when the blood sugar level remains high for a longer period of time, it might lead to diabetes.

Here is a list of few warning signs of high blood sugar. Take a look.


1.Excess Thirst:

When the sugar level in blood is high, the kidneys work more to filter the extra sugar. The sugar then gets removed in the form of urine, along with other fluids from the body. This makes one feel dehydrated and thirsty.


2.Constant Hunger:

As the urination level increases, you tend to lose calories. Also due to high sugar level in blood, it prevents the sugar from the food to reach the cells;, this thus causes constant hunger.


3.Frequent Urination:

When the excess sugar level gets removed from the body in the form of urine, this makes one feel dehydrated and thirsty. To quench the thirst one tends to drink more fluids; this will lead one to urinate more.


4.Weight loss:

When the frequency of urination level increases, you tend to lose calories at the same time. Thus it leads to loss in weight.



When there is excess sugar level in the blood, it damages the nerves. This causes numbness and you tend to lose the sensation in the hands and feet.


6.Blurred Vision:

Frequent urination which is caused by high blood sugar level in the body, will also lead to dryness of the eyes and this causes blurring of the vision.



When the blood sugar level is high, the glucose in the body is not utilized properly; the cells fail to get the needed energy. This causes frequent fatigue.


8.Itching & Skin Infection:

Dry and itchy skin is common when the blood sugar level is high in the body. Due to frequent urination, it causes dehydration and the skin tissues also become dry causing itching of skin and infection.

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Story first published: Wednesday, September 14, 2016, 10:30 [IST]